animal abuse



this is fucking retarded. the term refers to an allegedly non-retarded person or politician, not to retards, although it equates one to the other. its kind of like wigger, but less veiled in its reference. this word is essential to the american way of life, and i refuse to let it vanish underfoot some retard-loving goons initiative for respect.

animal abuse

i got a new word: mongoface


what about simply "tard?" its cute, ctachy, and emphatically short. if i have to use more than one syllable to deride a friend of mine, it isnt worth my time (ie shit, fuck, bitch, whore, ass, dick, etc)

john henry the hb

3. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.
4. Slang: Disparaging.
a. a mentally retarded person.
b. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.

its legit, back off special olympics

come on bitches

you cant tell us to stop using a word without suggesting an alternative, what the fuck- that is, ironically, pretty retarded. hats what you get for using the in-house advertising team

Mr. Burns

DUMB. Retarded means handicapped by definition. Are we going to come up with another word which will be used in derogatory ways as soon as it's mainstream?


what the fuck is this? this is like the news reporting on some stupid apple picking event while thousands of people are dying all across the world. who the fuck cares about terminology. people will say what they want. what a complete waste of time, money and life.

bag of dicks

good point. when the NAACP announced colored is no longer cool, they re branded themselves as black, and then african american, chocolate-face, etc. if not retard, then what?


it used to be that you could call a person retarded? i've used it three times today and it worked just fine.

visionary ciego

its clear the retard community is in an outrage over the blatant disrespect dished out by these fuckers. they worked long and hard to become retards, and no Olympics, no matter how special they are can take that away from them.

aching wanker

if they truly cared about retards, they would have cast a few in their 30-second protest spot, instead of some retarded looking cockheads. i sense a lack of sincerity in this movement, and thus will disregard its message utterly

Droople Gilhooly

Retard are called Meat Clobbers round my parts


what? "Retard" is the term you're supposed to use. People are mentally retarded. That's what doctors say. Are we just supposed to call them smooshy-faces now?

furios fishermna

after this ad im inclined to stop call them retards, and start calling them little whiny bitches that put collared shirts on backwards and eat potato chips with a fork.

i smell a minority

if you go to theie site, this is the pledge they make you say, and as you do it, you have to tape your head and rub your belly. if you cant do it, you are deemed a fucking retard, or fucktard for short

I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.
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I'm guessing none of you have a physical impairment, congenital condition, or other situation that would lead someone to call you a "retard". My other guess is that many, if not all, of you are white and/or middle class. Funny how privilege allows such useless banter to seem witty.

annoyed at annoyed

I'm guessing neither are you or you wouldn't have such good commenting skills. Unless that took you 47 minutes and three hot dogs.

planetary alleysmack

the whole site is just a stunt for donations, every link you click goes to a donations page. what do they think we are to fall for such shennagns, a bunch of....fuck it, retards? 'cmon now.

my lover is a seashell

you can leave your own personal variation of the pledge, as i did, although it may not get published, its worth it to let them know we arent a bunch of retarded zombies willing to conform to thier message of equality and their war on syntax

annoyed with annoyed at annoyed

Wow... witty response in two minutes. Do white folks even realize when they're being racist? I guess this is as safe a place to be a prick as any other blog.


Dudes. My friend's sister is retarded. Not cool.

Danimal the Depraved

"Wow... witty response in two minutes. Do white folks even realize when they're being racist?"

I dunno. Do overly sensitive folks even realize when they're fabricating something to get their knickers in a twist about?

"I guess this is as safe a place to be a prick as any other blog."
You are correct, you halfwit.


I'd rather be a retarded queer than a cop.

Life Goes On

Wow that retard runs fast! Excuse me, Wow Corky runs fast!

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