sicilian = black


Black Italians? Am I missing something? I've never seen a black Italian. I know Roberto Baggio was a bit darker than the average whitey, but definitely not black.


whats next, a real live interview with a dominican from washington heights? i can't wait...

world cup heroics.

CHEATS! thats all I can say about the Italian soccer team. bunch of cheap, diving pussies. I cant stand the Italian arrogance, could some one please explain why they feel that they are better than everyone else.

article schmarticle

What exactly was the point of this interview? Just a vague chat about how the neighborhood used to be and jewish people? I was hoping for mafia hijinx. weak.

Are all mta employees behind bullet proof glass or is it only in bensonhurst? And I havent heard the term "dang" used seriously in a very very long time.

What exactly was the point of this interview?

it's a lark and supposed to get people to be mad by being intentionally oblivious. the running joke is that vice has been running on fumes for a while now, but hopefully this recession will have some bright spots like taking this magazine out of its misery. meanwhile it will always be fun to watch car wrecks.

jim pole

this interview was somewhat not but sort of almost and very exactly but not limited to charm. other than that i think Jason Giambi is from bensonhurst. they must do a lot of steroids there. that lady was jacked. like her traps and quads and pecs and delts were all poppin' and flexed.


This is by far the best running segment on this blog.




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