these people are idiots and desrve everything they get.

survival of the fittest innit


yeah i have to say if you're putting caulking solution up your cockhole you don't deserve to have a cock


oh my god that is soooo gross! imagine wanting a hard on so much u end up losing your legs!! what the fuck!! arghh!


I’ve warned my guy friends about the whole coke and viagra thing - they thought it was an urban legend!

Next time an “increasingly flaccid penis..” is trying to get into my “ever more impatient pussy…” I’ll remember this tale, the lessons learned, and body parts lost and (try to) be nicer


Hmmm. Sad sad stories+ all a consequence of the male+ FEMALE desire to bang away - good+ proper! In contemporary culture (because of wide- spread pornography etc), there’ s a very unfortunate+ highly un- realistic emphasis on fucking. Sex+ love- making is about much more than just penile penetration. If people recognised this then this kinda thing wouldn’ t happen. The men are under pressure to ‘perform’+ the women, understandably, don’ t help the situation. Sigh.


It's ridic to make such a big deal out of getting it up. Leaving a girl wanting it is kind of funny, and I just think of it as payback for every guy who's suffered blueballs.

I swears I'm not bitter.


sucks to be them.


man, this story and the one you guys did about penises breaking during sex absolutely are killing me. maybe i'll just go celibate. or have sex with jello-filled pillows.


my dick can't read these without cringing

gun nut

desperate times call for desperate measures. i have sprinkled cayenne pepper on my balls, snorted a viagra codene cocktail, and even once wrapped a baby boa constrictor around the base of my cock....sex is about creativity

Danimal the Depraved

my old neighbor related to me the time he mixed coke and viagra. he passed out fucking some girl doggystyle and woke up, an hour or so later, still on his knees but bent over backwards.

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I think we should respect each person and though we do not criticize

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That's true!!!! This silicone is not working for anything, i'm sorry guys...


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Why people think about this creepy thing? they give me shivers on my boobs.

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Are these stories true?? The last one is funny but terrible for his wife...

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