Lez Lemon

Olivia Cruise!

bookit.com, MOTHERFUCKERS!

johnny comeuppance

you mean something like this? i call dibs on the stool next to the guy wearing a shirt!


i always thought those were cool too, but don't you feel bad for the bartender? he has the eyeline of a boogeyboarding chihuahua. that can't be good for the soul. or the inner ear.


omg, where is that photo from!? take me to that fantasy land. i want to be submerged in water as much as possible for 4 all-inclusive days!

that guy

Thailand. The flight will be expensive, but you'll save on accomodations and food, the food is more delicious, the locals (and travelers) are less annoying (no guidos, no fat midwesterners) the food is delicious, and you'll make new friends.

Are your friends all 5 year old girls???? GO TO FUCKING MEXICO!!!!!! My girlfriend moved there when she was 20 and lived in Mexico city alone. But no, your friends are right, WAY too dangerous.........pussies.

nail banger

haha I get flown all over to do finish work on these cruises I liked puerto rico but thats cause all the girls had fat asses

paly nasty

pool bars are pee bars


I would avoid Cancun cause it sucks, not cause it's dangerous. Try looking into western Mexico, I hear it's the most beautiful. Either way, you'll be swimming up to that pool bar alongside the shittiest people you'll ever meet most likely.


has anyone warned you about poolbars? we avoid them because, think about it, these ladies and gents are letting lose on their submerged stools, drinking for hours on end and when they're full of drinks and ready to empty their vacationing bladders, they suddenly see the drunken logic of layering function on top of function and take it a step too far.

why i'm not killing myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jubP3t27IQ&eurl=http://www.cracked.com/article_17093_10-awesome-ads-traumatizing-children.html&feature=player_embedded

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