amen. i look at the photo of the day a few times a week. shit blows my mind. i hope the hubble troubles (hehe) don't put a damper on my chances to continue seeing nebulas and god's eyeball and all the other interplanetery goop that i've become accustomed to viewing with "oh my god i now have to remove my jaw from the floor" bewilderment. nasa rocks. fly on you crazy zero-g diamond growth experts.


i heard that NASA steals money from homeless and starving people charities and uses it to fund their space travels. they also were behind the whole athrax conspiracy

"Simply put, you can't expect a brain that's spent 50 years training itself to chew up $20 billion and shit out the Apollo program to suddenly switch gears and start shitting a billion people some corn."

that would be some kind of major shit. and if you shit corn, are there pieces of shit in it - like vice versa of normal shit? this is exactly the kind of questions we need nasa to look into in the first place.

Buzz Aldrin

Hmm.. Really though, is space for lovers? How do you thrust with no gravity? Bitch would just float off when I tried to penetrate, right? Maybe that's where the inspiration for velcro came from. It does make for wonderful possibilities for space/sex jokes. Reentry? Too easy.

Kool RAnch

even the comments suck now.


There's an erect penis in the middle of this photo that gets even more obvious when you enlarge it.


icanonlyseeonefuckingthingandthatisanebaybackissueofsomefuckingfaggyfictionissueandnothing elsefuckouterspaceparapalegicbullshit...

Simply put, you can't expect a brain that's spent 50 years training itself to chew up $20 billion and shit out the Apollo program to suddenly switch gears and start shitting a billion people some corn. On top of that, it's rude to even ask. You're basically walking up to somebody who has given up a lifetime of getting wasted and laid to understand things that you will never comprehend a fraction of and saying, Eh, I'd be more impressed if you respackled my bathroom.

Olde Ayn couldn't have said it better.


You forgot to mention Tang. That shit's the bomb!

You got it wrong

Ayn would have said something along the lines of "You can't expect a brain that's BORN able to learn science to switch gears." They're describing genius through sacrifice and effort, and in service of a non-personal good. You can't get much farther from Objectivism than that.

Your Friend

Those shits are the worst.


The Dresden (or in this case, Kilodresden) really should be a unit of measure for explosions/decimation.

That bit about grade-school communist bullshit was funny as hell... great job.


That money spent on "Loveless" was totally worth it.


If someone offered me the chance to go into space i would have to say no. I think i would actually pass out from the fear


Whatever happened to space tourism?

Jen Wallace

People who work at CERN don’t pay taxes, and they accidentally broke a thing that might accidentally make a black hole. Seem fair to you? No but seriously my poor english teacher wage pays for my physicist boyfriend to start work at 10am, then sit on twitter all day, visit one of 3 restaurants for lunch, and maybe go to the gym around 5pm. La vie est belle.


Multiple wipe shits? What?

Seriously. What?


That thing is not and was never going to create a black hole. The people who rallied against it are the modern-day equivalent of witch-burners.


\i will take a doodoo on u

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