not even close

let's tally score:
parties in a hair salon...JC +4
that's what the parties look like?...JC -1,047
NY still wins

the pooze

jersey is good for one thing - an a-fucking-mazing view of the skyline. rent's not even cheap anymore, and it's mostly midtown financial fucks. no thanks, i'd rather pay a little more and not have to deal.


the last time i went to a jersey party i woke up with a sliced arm and a nasty case of cauliflower dick. the arm has healed up nicely.

3 qualities that pretty much assure I won't go to a party:

1- it has a theme
2- people will be wearing facepaint
3- it's in jersey

Jersey City Kids

The best place to get away from all you lame-o suckers is Jersey City. You all are stuck up and think JC is whack please keep thinking this and leave the fun to us!


this is even more boring than the shit about rabbits.


I used to hate Jersey until I moved to JC. I honestly love living there. The rents are cheaper. I have met Tony a few times. Nice guy. I think he organizes the Groove on Grove thing.

The wall steet douches are mainly in Hoboken.
Jersey City is actually really awesome and a much better commute than from Brooklyn. I had the chance to move to Brooklyn b/c my lease was up but i chose to stay in JC.

When i first moved there, I was pissed, but now I love it. I am renting a 1 bedroom with a den(It would be a bedroom in Brooklyn), washer and dryer, HUGE bedroom, all new appliances, closet space, deck, high ceilings, and it's only half a mile from the Path(i have a car I want to keep it) for $1590.(i could have gotten it down to 1550 but the landlord wasn't answering her phone so who cars it's 40 bucks)

In Brooklyn, I can get a beatdown tiny apartment for that price. oh did i mention i have central air and heat and a management company. oh yeah Jersey City totally sucks man and Brooklyn is not on Long Island...damn that magical bridge.


Dancing Tony is the best! he should be mayor of Jersey city along with orlando reyes of course. Two great stand up gentleman Who make J.C. a Great place to Live.

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