street art has been done for years.

over it

you know what? i was waiting for the bus this morning and i saw the graffiti removal van drive past, and for the first time in my life i was like "go to town, guys". shit gets old, you know? once every schmuck with a spray can or a wheatpaste thought they could get famous and have gallery shows everything went to shit.

i'd like to drug the people who created this and, while they were out, tattoo "FUCK" right across their foreheads, chins, and vertically up their noses


vice, you suck... this shit has been around for ages... i'm not stopping around here anymore! this is fucktard hipster country!


this turd will think it's real funny when he gets thrown in a cell and gets what's coming to him (hint - its on his stupid stickers) before daddy can get here from connecticut and post bail.

what is fame? I thought art was about influencing and inspiring others. Who gives a fuck about fame? Brittany Spears proved that! To really think "every schmuck with a spray can or a wheatpaste thought they could get famous " maybe you should evaluate what the real point of art.


dear antoine

it seems you learned how to type before you learned how to read

over it


there are still some legitimate artists putting up good stuff, true. but go to dumbo or williamsburg and you can't tell me that that is visually pleasing. every damn corner is littered with half-thought-out wheatpastes that some art school freshman from middle america thinks is "next-level." 98% of it is garbage.


"next-level" more like nothing new we all know that. 98% of it is probably trash. What I consider legit? if the artist is well-rounded and it's a form of life.(duchamp)sorta style.


by Tracey Emin

I was really influenced by this style.


fucking fucky fucks

guuuuuuuuhhh righteous indignation is so boring. why in the world would you even bother with the comment if you hate the site or article? baffling.

that is the funniest

yes the bed is funny fucking work of art. fo sho. Tracey Emin is badass and so is the bible page artist. kudos to vice

Mr. Cooperative

Hey, you can't call street-art shit. I mean, I can possibly (never been to New York) agree with the fact that most of the street-art in New York is shit. But I believe that the artist enjoys doing it, and even risks being bust by the cops. So therefore, there must be an significance for an artist to call his shit, "art". And don't you neurotic fucks call me an hippie. I believe that most of the street-art you call shit, IS shit. But it doesn't have to be shit for artist. I mean, if you ever would meet a girl someday, and luckily have children. Would you call the first drawing, that your child ever made, shit? Cause kids can't generally not draw shit since a certain age. First it's just stick-figures, horses, dragons, knights and shit. Dinosaurs is often popular.
But the thing is, that your kid will believe it's art in some childish way, and I hope you ain't that hard on your kid, that you are at street-artists in New York.

P.S. Sorry, if I write like an kid. But I'm not an citizen of United States of A.

sir jorge

how'd i miss that? i gotta check this one out


anything anyone "puts down" can be art

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