doggy vision

am i seeing things or did glasses just fall off that dog's face???

oscar mayer

i like how you left some root in the photo. classy.


the dog looks terrified! poor thing... it is pretty gross though

mangina alert?! top photo!


whatever you do, dont click the link that was posted. I did it, and trust me...it was a mistake

Pepe Douchenozzle

I've never seen a dog so wide-eyed. He probably thought it was a really good treat that she was hogging all to herself.


stains the cupcake dog's best friend http://www.icantbelievetheydidthat.com/archives/2009/January/Stains-Cupcake-Dog-LOL-Day.html



good find, liz!

you caught your dog though, can't let her lick you now...

bob hope's diaper rash

this reminds me of ye olde peanut butter on the vajayjay trick. does that really work or is it only the coolest urban legend of all time? inquiring minds want to know. i know i do, anyways.

jim pole

Man's best friend indeed. curiosity didn't just kill the cat.


AHAHHHa ewww! yuck this is good.

Nike Shox

i agree with your views from here.


For a short time while I worked twlvee-hour shifts, I trained my dog to use a litter box. Remember, the dog is still going toneed regular walks and playtimes. First, you need a bigger box than a cat would use try the kind of plastic storage box that fits under your bed. (If your dog lifts his leg, you'll need an even bigger box, with one side cut out so he can get in.) Then fill it 1/3 full with dog litter or clumping cat litter about twenty to forty pounds.It helps if when you walk the dog outside, you get him to go on command. When you're ready to train him (like on a long weekend), go for an outside walk. When he poops, pick it up and put it in your litter box so there will be a familiar smell. You can do this with urine too, but collecting it is a lot messier!At his next regular walk time, take him to the box and give him your Go command. If he doesn't go after a few minutes, let him leave the box and either put him in a crate or keep him on a leash tied to your belt, so he doesn't have an accident somewhere else. Keep trying this every few hours eventually he'll go in the box. Give him lots of praise. Count on at least a week, before he'll reliably use the box on his own. If you have to go out or go to work, confine him in the room with the box preferably one with an easily cleaned floor. Put an old rug on the floor where he jumps out my dog tracked the litter everywhere. He is not likely to eat his own poop from the box if you clean it out every time. However if he eats any of the litter, stop using it immediately clumping litter can cause a serious bowel obstruction.

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