The last two shots are great. His eyes tell the story.

yeah but i'll tell you what isn't great. that fucking stupid robe hetfield is wearing. it's great and all that these guys got to meet them, but jesus i hate over-the-hill metallica.

he kind of looks like kirk hammett in the bottom pic


Hetfield is looking old and cheesier than ever. That robe is inexcusable.


even the cameraman is stoked for them. i take it this means they will be given legal status and can begin the path to citizenship?

Good for Them

Aziz must have been soooo disappointed when he found out about this!


From the Times' article:

"The United States government has granted them refugee status, which allows them to apply for green cards in a year, and the International Rescue Committee has placed them in a modest one-bedroom apartment in Elizabeth, N.J., where there are as yet no Metallica or Slayer posters on the walls but a bundle of guitars are piled in one corner."

yeah that's right

Acrassicauda > new Metallica

This is a great story from what's shown in the film to this, in what I hope is not the last we hear from this group of guys. Good luck, duders.


i never noticed before but james hetfield and brett hinds (mastodon) look quite alike. hetfield's not batshit crazy though and lacks the facial tattoos.

Hetfield has been building his doucheness for years now. He'll never catch Lars.

Anal Crucifixion

haha bald

and frosted

Bagdad to Elizabeth? Little baby steps away from hell.


the planets have aligned...


FUCK YES. Who cares about the robe and jerseys no shithole compared to what these METAL HEROS have been thru - you jackasses didn't see the movie.

Acrassicauda METAL LIVES ON!!!!!!!

Pete Azen

That's soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!
Acrassicauda Rules!!!

Key Largo

cool tattoo...not!

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Influenced by early heavy metal and hard rock bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Manowar and New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands such as Venom, Motörhead, Diamond Head, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, early Metallica releases contained fast tempos, harmonized leads, and nine-minute instrumentals. Steve Huey of Allmusic said that Ride the Lightning featured "extended, progressive epics; tight, concise groove-rockers".


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Phil Cosgrave

Awesome tattoo design! It looks very cool!

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