god save the teen laqueefa

thank god it's the weekend. "slip-n-slide" vagina just got me so randy i may have to excuse myself to the men's room for a few. although i should probably hold off so i still have all my muster when i'm out tonight. the trojan horse doesn't work as well when half of your men aren't inside.

to old

if that little shit punched me all punk I would stomp his fucking teeth out spoiled little brat

who goes to this shit


it looks like someone's basement- where was this?


i don't like the jeans either


this really is more of a fashion review than i concert review. someone missed the point completely...


the lead singer looks like a deranged baby when he's on the floor


dear god save the queen,

do men jerk off at work often? can we get some sort of poll going? it almost makes more sense to jerk off at school than at work, somehow

i'd like to hear more, either way


maybe its just me, but there is something strangely attractive about those jeans. I like it

god save the teen laqueefa

hmmmm.. well i never really considered jerking off at school. it seems you are a girl, so you might not know this, but it's tough to whack it when other people are around. i think it was chris rock that had that joke about the "nobody's home" beating off thing. he might describe it better. my office has individual room-stall things, which lead to perfect jacking environs, but schools don't have those. plus, if you get caught jacking at school, that's one hell of an embarrassing trip to the office. i consider it one of my perks. i never used my health insurance so the least they can provide me is a weekly wankjob or two.

hope that helps.

missing nyc

aw bev looks so cute

poor tribal tattoo face guy. he's got to feel so out of place.. first because of his face issues and second because he's the only person in their without skin tight jeans.

clap shitty

If I were a RISD dropout I'd probably want to punch strangers in the face too.

tim shitty

I knew i should have gone out last night. whatever saved for the weekend!!


Isn't that the dude from Cult of Youth?


Yea, that's Sean from COY

justin mccarthy

i recently missed your show because i cant leave my house but i shaved my hole body and ripped out my finger and toe nails with a hammer thanx guys


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YOOOOWCCCHH! I am 51 and very sensitive to aging rmeraks (after all I feel very much younger). On the other hand-HOLY COW! How horrible. Very sorry for you. Dump her and establish that early in your marriage. (okay so maybe that is mean, but really, .)


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Well, his voting recrod has been stellar so fare2€a6 total republican lockstep with no regard to what is actually right or wronge2€a6 I wonder if he even bothered to read the bills before voting. We all know the Farmbill isn't good for the state, so its OK for him to vote against it who cares if North Dakotans need disaster relief funds, he voted down all aid except for NAASCAR advertising.Mind you, we done2€™t need childcare background checks anyway, or wheelchair accesability. I think we all agree we need to use those federal funds for advertising on NASCAR. Priorities you know Lets talk about the budget cuts to education! Student Health care is gone now because of him, but thats OK because now students can carry concealed weapons on campus so they cane2€™t get hurt! Another pregnant college student or 2 won't hurt anybody anyway, right? What teacher needs a retirement anyway? And Healthcaree2€a6 Heaven forbid a 15-18 year old child should chose to not abort a baby; Berg voted to take away any prenatal care for them. Whats sad is taking away all funding from Planned Parenthood, will take away all birth control for over a million teens.. imagine that, another 1 million babies will be having babies on the welfare system next year because of Berg. Something to celebrate! Once they DO have these babies, Children done2€™t need preventative medicine anyway, Right?? Berg voted against the childrens health care bill. They can just become chronicly ill and have medicare support them for the rest of their lives. Thats a good conservative solution, I assure you!After all, who needs teachers and healthy children anywaye2€a6 as long as we are allowed to smoke anywhere we want and have the right to carry our guns. Vote for Berg, he is good for the country. He is going to take good care of the state except for maybe the children, the elderly, the teachers, the small business's, and of course the farmers

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