i have to disagree. when i see a girl with this shit on, i immediately think one of three things. she is either a) really hard up for a pounding and possibly a virgin (could be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances and my level of inebriation) b) a girl that is way too into me, to the level of obsession (always bad, but my level of inebriation may lead to things i will later regret) or c) a dirty fucking slut that obsesses over everything related to sex (again, bad, but sometimes will do)


Just a poor piece. History=artistic identities now? Not interesting. I'm also highly doubting that the last commenter has gotten a charge from girls in nice unders...

forget the lingerie. you're sitting on a goldmine with the xanax.


hey congrats a-train you somehow managed to bore me to death about something that normally gets me going...kudos

if this makes you horny and you are a man, you are most likely gay


I'm so hot for you right now.


I'm sure that chicks like wearing it cause they feel even sexier just knowing it's on them. Plus, that when they're out one night and meet one of us awesome guys, that they're prepared to totally rock our worlds if they wanted to.


And consider how much it can cost a man to do the same for his girl.

monster mash

Sometimes it is nice to wear a nice outfit for doing it. Why qualify it? If it's such a problem for you, maybe you should have thought of that before going lingerie shopping. It's the 21st century, no one is forcing you to do this.


I'm more into garter belts than "shit like this" but I appreciate the enthusiasm. and FYI a while back I passed a young lady wearing spats and almost tripped.


Lingerie is still the most powerful means to sedure every man.

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Girls does it make u more confident wearing expensive lingerie? or you look more for comfort. I am sure that expensive ones are confortable too. I personally like sexy undies which are comfortable too.. tell me your choice of lingerie, what designs and brands and colours u like.

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What a curious picture.Pour girls.

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I want one of these maids.

Sexy Underwear

If you wear sexy lingerie to turn your partner on, it is all well and good, but to just wear sexy lingerie without any jewellery, sexy shoes or make-up is blasphemous. If you have just spent a big wad of money on some slinky, sexy lingerie item that will knock your partner into the next millennium, then you should also be thinking about other aspects of blowing their mind.

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For the guys who hate on these girls I think you're just intimated that they look sterognr than you. These have got to be the hottest girls on the face of this earth. I could never get tired of these pics. Chive pleeeeaaase keep putting more of these girls. There is not one of these girls that I would not want to fuck.


Snopes is full of shit. That IS Obama's communist whore hetomr. Frank Marshall Davis published a book of pretty sick pornography, by the way. Obama himself is a piece of shit and not even eligible to be president.

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