Nice Hardwood, Lady

My girlfriend sent me a similar article yesterday, and you know what that means? Now she is going to *insist* that I only buy Seventh Generation shit tickets. So now I get to pay three times as much for "environmentally friendly" toilet paper. Tell me how much sense that makes. I'll save you the trouble, close to none. I'm going to make sure she knows she'd better only use one square per squat, and I guess I'll have to start using something else for my lonesome time left hand sessions.

damn, did she really need to put a target on that? pretty sure my dick would've tracked that down like a heat-seeking missile on a russian bogey. in other words, thanks for the easy access, little red clitoral hood.


is our society getting so anal (haha) that we're investing millions of dollars into researching animal farts?

jim pole

Assless chaps are the leather jackets of this generation. I can feel it in my bone.

Voice of Reason

Dude, fuck the Planet. If this is the shit we're going to have put up with to save it might as well let it all fall apart. Pleasure over responsibility.

nike free 3.0

Sound crazy? Well, I can explain why this works. When you overfeed your body you raise an important hormone in your body called leptin, when leptin levels are high so is your fat-bu

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