"That's when things took a turn for the worse."

How much of a turn, like two degrees? Jesus...

Bobby Blue Tears

You can't blame this guy. He tried. Life has served him shit right from the beginning. I really hope that there is a little good in life coming his way. What a pathetic father. Fuckers like him always asks for forgiveness when they're about to die. I'm glad he didn't get it. Too late you miserable wife and kid abusing bastard...

great story, but fuck me that was sad

wow. i haven't teared up like this since the end of old yeller.


god that's terrible...I want to know who came up with this "The Universal Sadness Issue" idea. because its been a pretty big downer (or was that the point? it's more like the "make people sad" issue).


It took a while for this guy to get depressed...and in the end it was the winter that got to him! I would have tied those knots a lot earlier...

this should make people think twice next time they blow off a homeless person as a "drunk" or a "loser"

@xobo: the point was to show everyone how spoiled they are. it's uplifting if you think about it in the right context.


uplifting in the sense that its supposed to make spoiled realize how fortunate they are?


usually i read the vice blog and think of snarky remarks and revel in the sardonic sarcasm. but this story genuinely got to me. it is well written, meaningful, and the saddest thing that i've read in a very long time. i think i'm going to go home and give my mom a big hug and thank her for giving me a good life. murr

@xobo: sure. or the converse: it's uplifting because it makes you realize how petty it is when someone is talking to their therapist about their "issues". at least no one i know can really hold a candle to this.

that is the saddest shit i have ever heard.

It definitely makes you think twice when you see a homeless person on the street and automatically assume they fucked up. This guy's life got so messed up and he tried to do better for himself but it just didn't work out. Fuck man, what a bummer.


does/did this guy have that shitty of a life? a lot of people have abusive fathers. a lot of people have been affected by cancer. a lot of people have spent time on the streets. I'm not saying it's been all smiles and sunshine for him but I'm sure you could fine tons of people in the world with a similar or worse story. ah, ce la vita

He makes your problems look like shit compared to what he's been through.

I've heard worse, fucking crybaby

@ above: do tell shit stain.

i wish this guy had more than an imaginary cardboard keyboard so he could rip you all new assholes. you fucking dildos haven't seen a tenth of the agony he has so shut your pieholes and get back to your 'always sunny in philadelphia' reruns.

Sad Face

How about helping the man out? Is there an address, a phone number?

fuckin hell


nwwt/swwt: I'm not saying it's been all smiles and sunshine for him...

I don't even think it's been overcast for this guy. His life is essentially been 47 years of living in a blizzard of sorrow.

It's great to be all contrary and shit, but the very fact that you are typing on a computer is indication enough, that you have a better life than this guy. Without question, buddy's life is pretty tragic.

Just let him have his moment will you?

Christopher Langan

Me and you should be buddies, Patty. Next time you're in Missouri look me up, and we'll see who is the bigger underachiever.

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