what bad asses. I guess the whole "don't be a hero" mentality wore off

aren't you glad they didn't nab that white sox hat? that would've taken a trip to the mall cap kiosk and at least 16.99.


I went to Rwanda two years ago and everyone there seemed to always being carrying machetes... it was very disarming. Machete's are the ipods of africa... they're everywhere

Dog Man X

Getting held up at Machete point is my worst nightmare....way scarier than a gun

i'd rather someone just blew my brains out with a single gunshot than have to suffer watching my limbs being hacked off with a machete


The most fucked up thing about that photo is the people in the background walking by like nothing's happening.


And this is what cool white people call adventure. Just feel happy that you got away with arms and legs still attached. These blokes were probably not mad men...a lot of us would probably be jumping people with machetes if we were in the same miserable situation in Africa. Hats off to Goodtime and his buddy...bravehearts!


Chicago welcomes people from all over the world. One of our schools has a sign in front of it, bragging "Over 142 languages spoken here" (that was the number the last time I looked.) We really appreciate people coming here. And we don't take kindly to people who pick off our visitors. They are the worst scum, literally thugs.

And whenever I travel somewhere perceived as dangerous, I mean, barring extreme examples like Peshawar or Baghdad, people warn me to be careful. I usually respond by saying: "C'mon, we're from Chicago -- our kill rate, on a good day, is higher than theirs, on a bad day."

These thugs got what they deserved.

The Agra Indian

It is horrible; no one would like to go to such a place in whole life.

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