uff it

uffie played at union square? i must have missed the brooklyn vegan post.

fugs a lot

if neysa bought herself a new face, she could probably make it on BET late night shows.


whoa. petra's site is a thing of beauty.


man, i wasn't prepared for the van gogh one. i thought waking life was trippy, but holy crapola. that's a whole new ballgame.

show me the way to the next whisky bar

still can't top the ukelele man at metropolitan g stop


neysa is an embarrassment but entertaining
petra has a future in awesomeness


where do you find these inspirations?

a. gorilla

also of interest...

Petra "legs"

a. gorilla




is that her or some random chick in the shallow end?


wherez my dickheadz?


petra had a piece in the new museum for the net art portion of the unmonumental show.

Fuck you! What is this crap?


Can we please stop giving merit to people who create terribly shitty awful video art? It's fucking ridiculous. There are actual people out there with talent.

buttercup mcgillicudy

the thin line between genius and insanity is the only thing separating these two, and i think i know which is which, but that brings my own sanity into question.

buttercup mcgillicuddy

i did a little research and petra's actually a filmmaker and member of the NEEN art movement, which, if you've seen any of their other stuff, it makes this make sense--in an absurd, computer-age, reality-warping sort of way. http://www.neen.org

shit talker cause it needs to be said

Neysa= Laurie Anderson wanna-be except her concept sucks
Petra is just boring


Petra's been hitting up the whole vvork / neen / yadda yadda gafuffle for donkeys years. "Linky Wormhole" You're an ass. It's called the internet and it's pretty regular.

some anonymous person who definitely is not the guy who's facebook page it is but is pretending to be

how fucking creepy. you stole this picture of pet from my facebook.

mike tucker

Don't fuck with Milly's pix yo. Woot Pet.

mike tucker

also. 59 stagg represent.

buttercup mcgillicuddy

if it's any consolation whatsoever, and it probably won't be, i dig neen now that i know it exists. i mean, i've been to neen websites before, but didn't know the voices behind it. stoked to know that it's art appreciation and not some sadistic internet torture i was engaged in.

Both of these chicks are fuckin nuts



removal service london sw7

Game dance is extremely hilarious.

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