i have mixed feelings on johnston's artwork. his music is a different story (i like it). they are interesting because of the way he sees things. they aren't pleasing to look at. and... i guess that makes it fall into what most call "outsider art," but i despise that term. so... yeah, it's interesting, but i think watching 'the devil and daniel johnston' gives you enough unless you really like knowing what a fourth grader with psychotics would draw like.


damn. mcginness isn't *that* bad, is he?

yes, yes he is

i had classmates in middle school art that could beat mcginness at his own lame game. i don't know how he got where he is, but he's fooled a lot of people into thinking his "work" is worth a shit.

Jeff Tartakov

Incredible first sentence in the Daniel Johnston review. FYI I own plenty of Daniel's art but none of it was used in this book because those currently handling Daniel's career wanted to only use art that they owned instead of working with others to produce the best possible book.

Jeff Tartakov


damn jeff google alerts is really working for you. thanks for the clarification!

yes! yes! i fucking hate ryan mcginness so much, his art is a combination of the worst aspects of snowboard graphics, shitty party promotional flyers, shitty street ware, so bad, i guess he did INVENT this shitty style he is the PIONEER of this shitty style, but still the style is shitty.

Hugh Jassman

Being that I'm the "friend" who bought the McGinness book, I have to say that I'm very pleased with my purchase. I *am* wholeheartedly interested in his work and having worked with graphic designers for a time (in 03, as it were) - i know how hard they all sweat McGinness, and try to make their commercial work look like his art, simple as that.

I do agree the "warholian" comparison is lazy and wrongheaded, though. Personally I like the fact that he's always evolving, unlike some of the other poster boys for the whole beautiful losers thing. And hopefully some of the stuff of his I have will end up putting my kids through college. Thanks for being rad, Ryan McGinness, would be a hell of a return on my $10.

PS: Business Development is sales for people who don't want to admit they're in sales.


haha damn jeff! dudes quick

ean frick

McGuinness definitely sucks by McGinley is pretty overrated too. Hey look naked, beautiful happy young people in the out of doors, I wish I was there!

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