bama boy

i grew up with philip rivers. no shit. we played backyard football all the time, and truthfully, he wasn't that great back then. we played all-stars baseball every summer, too. he was just as slow then, but he was average height and it was fucking hilarious watching him run since he looked like a guy that should be fast. it was like super slo-mo.

he's a pretty nice guy for the most part, or was when i knew him. he will, however, do anything, and i mean anything, to win. cheating in a sport is legal in his mind as long as you don't get caught. i'm happy for his success, and it was easier to root for him after eli acted like a little bitch after the draft.


the eagles will choke. they couldn't put together a season if it was made out of velcro.


plaxico is a dumbass. i'm glad the giants got rid of that piece of shit. this thug bullshit got old years ago.


good god. seau's restaurant is embarrassing.


seau's was voted best sushi in san diego. what the fuck is wrong with san diegans?


stillers will win it all


"seau's was voted best sushi in san diego. what the fuck is wrong with san diegans?"

Unless you're buying that fucking California roll or salmon and avocado roll conveyor-belt shit from grocery stores out here the nigiri, sashimi, and specialty maki in restaurants are all pretty comparable out here unless it's some really shitty place in PB. My guess with Seau's is you don't have to wait in line like you would at places downtown, in Hillcrest, Northpark, La Jolla, OB, PB, etc; sashimi, nigiri, and basic maki are all going to be really fresh and exactly the same anywhere you go out here; and the specialty maki there are about half the price as you would get at hipster-douchebag filled places like Japengo's or Sushi on the Rock in La Jolla or just about any tourist trap place in the Gaslamp. That or whomever "voted" for Seau's consisted solely of military transplants, and the hopeless McMansion suburbanites of inland SD county.


panthers are going to super bowl


wait i forgot joke delhomme sucks so fucking bad, nevermind

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