ankle injuries are no joke. i tore multiple ligaments in my ankle in a soccer injury and it took me a year before i was back to 100%. i can still pop my ankle at will, which feels nice but annoys everyone, so it's really a win-win situation.


One of the best articles I've read on Vice in a while. True talent is talking about being bored and making it interesting.


being at home for more than three days is a bummer for sure. once the initial shock of the fully stocked fridge wears off, it's all downhill from there.

'One of the best articles I've read on Vice in a while. True talent is talking about being bored and making it interesting'

Asbo-lutely! the phone went off, I ignored it, I knew I had to check the oven but I ignored that too..now I am eating burnt lasagne. But I had something great to read. Keep it up...not the leg.

yeah, fuck natalie merchant. her song used to get stuck in my head for days. that and the annie lennox "walking on broken glass" with that super annoying piano riff.

cank stank

temporary cankle syndrome

man foot

That is the hairiest foot I've ever seen attached to a girl. Ew.


I've seen hairier, but anyway that clearly can't be her foot--hers is still in a cast.


Give her a break -- she can't shave her leg, can she?

Nice writing.


definitely a guy foot. girls don't have inch long toe hair. i hope they don't anyways.


This is really a nice story. Seems like every time Vice drives me to the edge with bullshit articles there's one gem that keeps me hooked.

Paz C.

This. Is. So. Good.

And who cares about how hairy her leg looks? Did you guys ever break a bone in your leg? You definitely don't worry about shaving when you're immobilized, in constant pain and have a metal plate under your skin, you morons.


this was awesome.

Laszlo Kovacs

This, with nurses who pretend they're balloons, and photos from the WSF all in the same day? since when did Vice become not run by a bunch of dicks? Keep it up and maybe I'll bother to find print issues again.

MOAR from casey raid

Great Tip

Enlightening and colorful. hee hee...

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