54 cents? shit, dude, i think you could've gotten it for free. what was she trying to buy, a postage stamp?


the tidewater area (hampton, chesapeake, va. beach, norfolk) is a very pretty area but full of military guys and poor families. it makes for a strange environment, not to mention it basically being a huge beach town, which we all know are weird enough to begin with.


i guess trees don't swallow. who knew...


i visted a pal in chesapeake probably 8 years ago or so and we went to a bar. we were some of the only non-military there, and they call them "squids." it was a weird trip.


do girls always get crazier after you date them or do you just not notice the psychotic side until after you take a step back?


ahhhhh the joys of small town America.


Hampton isn't really a small town.. there's seven major cities in Hampton Roads, and they all suck. I wouldn't say it's all poor either, but the military angle is dead on.

fuck south va


I lived in Hampton. My neighbor was shot and killed during a Halloween party at her house. That place sucks.


I went to high school with this girl. She worked for a few years at the 7-11 in the same shopping center as the cafe where her boyfriend worked & was shot. I talked to every day when I went in for coffee.

I'd have to say it really isn't too big of a surprise to me either. But very sad.... especially that it's the first homicide of the year on the PENINSULA. That says something. Usually Newport News claims the first.

this guy should get out, he seem okay. but we decide so what do you say guys?
his illustrations are not great, im an illustrator i know iknow ....isn't everybody


gary: get out of there. I did, and I've never been happier.
there are much better cities out there for tattoo artistry, and with your lifestyle, it shouldn't be too hard for you to do it.
hampton is a shithole. save yourself.

this is christi's old friend, karen, btw.
I haven't spoken to her since 1997. Mostly because her crazy went a little too deep.
yes, I found this while doing a search to find out what the fuck was going on with this situation. A friend of mine told me about it.

good luck to you.


I've been a friend of Christie's for years - and I never saw this coming. She was the kind of girl who would stand up for you in a heartbeat, but I never thought she would kill anyone. In fact, she has stood up for me multiple times. I also know Gary. Finding this was rather shocking, and this entire situation is very sad.


First of all. I don't understand why Gary is being interviewed about Christi since they probably haven't spoken in 15 years. Next, this case hasn't gone to trial so it's too early to speak with any kind of authority...no one knows what really happened, the people who were right there when this went down don't seem to have their stories straight. So how could Gary know anything relevant to the case?
I don't think that I can respect the opinion of a guy who admits to paying a 14 or 15 year old girl for sex...KNOWING that she'd been abused.
54 cents at that? Doesn't say much about your respect for women. Which is probably why this girl hated men so much that she snapped one day. This article is bunk. Gary doesn't know a single bit of current info regarding this girl. No one knows why she shot this guy, I have heard that the guy had put his gun to HER head and threaten to kill her and her new boyfriend. Whatever...Gary, you're no saint. I hope you've stopped paying 14 year old girls for sex, or at least have been paying your child support or else your ass will end up in jail right next to her.

James Randi

Nice of you to interview Hampton's very own Kato Kaelin... enjoy the 15 milliseconds Gary. Milk it for all you can. Judging by the examples of your "art" you need all the help you can get.

Divorce is expensive! And who needs extra expenses these days?! Learning how to patch up a relationship is so important.

F block

Hey, I was in the joint with her, true she talks a lot of shit and stay in every subject that she hears. Damn she has a comment about everything. You have to cathch her on a good day. She sleeps all day. True she cleans at night for free not time off for felons. I also bunked with that Wooden girl. True these girls are distrubed they just done tragic things without thinking and the sad part is that they have not reconginzed what they have done. The Lord is dealing with them as I type. I have seen it with my own eye. It is only the start of Hell. Mark my word Unit / F block Felon/inocent me


your generalization of Hampton can only be described as moronic, H-Town is great, moved here in 1975 when i was one and lived here ever since...and i like it here, wouldn't want to live anywhere else. i'm not in the military nor poor, neither were my parents so now it's time for me to generalize, what would you expect from a tattoo artist (a tracer at best), probably took a graphics arts class at TNCC and flunked out, seems getting into tattoos is the last ditch effort from a failed artist before he goes sniffing for work at Kinko's. lol. yeah i went to school with her and she was a bit of a weirdo/fake punker (not goth), no excuse to kill anyone, otherwise you'd be in jail to Gary, right? just goes to show kids, do good in school, stay away from drugs and alcohol, get an education and get a good job or you will end up like the waste s of space this article is about, tattooist...lol


oh your the RatWard guy making the noise music, you've got to be kidding with that shit, my dog could sit on the floor and tinker with knobs and buttons, hahahahaha. seriously, that's gross

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