best interview subjects on vice/vbs in some time. i really really hope this is going to end up in final form on vbs. you should have asked him about kanye west and his infatuation with auto-tune. i'd love to see these guys call him out. also, i don't really get the one-handed bass commment. it looks like he plays with a capo and his left hand is useless as far as playing goes. what's up with that?


As Rohan says in the video, Sam's bass is tuned to power chords then kapo'd at the key of the song. This frees up his other hand for aggressive pointing, signs of the devil, and this one move where he rubs his hand across his head while playing, as if he's alternately astonished at or exhausted by just how hard they're rocking. It's like they grafted the left half of Rob Halford onto the right half of Sid Vicious.

Is Aspergers usually accompanied by other limitations like blindless in this instance? This gentleman is so well adjusted for someone with even one disability, much less two.

i saw them at fontana's

The Pimple Song is great, but I think it's got more of a Warner-Bros-era Husker Du vibe than the Meat Puppets.

droop street

please dont fuck up 'the clean' for me.
let me do it myself:

what you want is their album 'vehicle'.
and if you're gonna go the verlaines get 'hallelujah all the way home'

and then after that i would like to see this band your talking about please.


Snob all you want, Beatnik is a good jam.


Reminds me of Flight of the Conchords


the outro song sounds like some old good chapel hill shit.

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