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party pooper

new year's eve is my least favorite night of the year. hoards of people that never drink go out and get sloppy drunk, puke in the street, creep out girls, and try to start fights. yawn.

the best is waking up early, which is a rare thing for me thesedays, and walking around your neighborhood on new year's day. shit looks like the beginning of 28 days later. bring your camera.

wow. the last digit of the year changes. whoopty-fucking-do. NYE is solely an excuse for homebodies to hit the town and act like fools. i stay the fuck away from anything resembling a bar that night.

flaming shits

i think i am the only person on earth that this happened to, but i can't listen to the flaming lips any more after i saw them live. all my friends talk about how it was the best show ever and all that. wayne coyne annoyed the ever living fuck out of me. that whole "we can conquer the world if we're all happy and sing along" bullshit about made me puke. so fuck you, wayne coyne. i was already tired of yoshimi, but then you had to go and ruin the soft bulletin for me too. you fucking piece of shit okie motherfucker.


is sexy up there packing some secret sausage or is that some type of 'roided up super bush? it looks like she has buckwheat in a leglock.


these douchenozzles that go all out on new years don't realize that good times can't be planned. hell, the best memories i have are the little random shitty things my friends and i used to get into. not the big party nights. fuck, i don't even remember most of them, and it's not from drinking, it's from them being lame and overrated.


Frank Sinatra said it best..

"New Years is for light-weights and amateurs."


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years don't realize that good times can't be planned. hell, the best memories i have are the little random shitty things my friends and i used to get into. not the big party nights. fuck, i don't even remember most of them, and it's not from drinking, it's from them being lame and overrated.


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