does anyone know who he's talking about here? i dont read any of this shit. i tried reading delilio and franzen but i thought they were shit. same with the fortress of solitude guy. who can be fucked? a lot of people obviously.
william gay is good though.
seems like all the shit that comes out these days is aimed at fat middle aged women and has to have something to do with exotic ethnicity.
i would like to check out james freys new one, but it'll probably fucking suck.
can any smart people recommend some new people to read?
please, thanks.


This is really funny, I actually did this when I was 17. The difference is, I got over it, took the death of the author seriously, and have been focusing on game design since.

Mikey Terror

Sounds like Eastin Ellis to me.

chris b

the Easton in Easton Ellis is actually just a middle name

chris b

the Easton in Easton Ellis is actually just a middle name


argh, throw us some bones, does anyone have a blog that i can learn about books?
i want to read some new guys but dont know whos what.
that ludmilla petrushkavaya or whatever that vice published in the story issue was AMAZING.
who else is worth checking out?
please, dont be ashamed etc.

Mr Van De Lay

funny article, i think that all of us ('us' being not retard shut-ins/pretentious fucks) like to bag out the authors of our time.

But we know its a guilty pleasure because they're still by far the best of our time.


Nam Le and Aleksandar Hemon are the best writers I've read in the last year. Nam Le is way too artistically ambitious to simply play the multicultural card -- his best stories include one about a 14 yr old hitman in Colombia experiencing sort of an existential crisis and another featuring an American college girl visiting Tehran who gets in sort of over her head. Aleksandar Hemon is from Sarajevo and writes about that a fair amount but it doesn't feel limiting. Nami Mun is also good, a Korean-American writing about a teenager of goth sensibilities out on the streets and/or becoming a low-end escort in New York. I used to review for the LATBR until they changed editors about 10 yrs ago... and all of a sudden about 18 mos I decided I wanted to see what was really out there right now. There's a lot of good stuff.


I accept it and agree with all information I would like to say thanks for it.

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