damn guys, you should warn a brother before you put up a link to some dude boinking his girlfriend. almost got busted by the bossman.

i love woolworths!

yo tyler, i think guy is basehunter

i agree, fuck woolworths.

but the pic n mix was good.


i didn't know until i just looked that woolworth's has been closed in the u.s. since 1997. did they still do online sales? i could have sworn i saw a flannel shirt for sale this fall somewhere online. maybe i'm crazy, but can anyone back me up here?

can't this happen to dixons?

zavvi is next. hooorarr

Louise Haynes

My little brother worked in Woolworths. It was his first job, but im so glad he can go back to stabbing grannys and standing on street corners shouting profanities at passers by now.

i like zavvi - its better than rough trade

stabbing's better than packing

i give your girlfriend a 7 out of 10.

i would quite happily smash her pasty in.

is that a picture of quite a good toy or of quite a good lay?

alex miller

my girlfriend is a fucking ten you pussy. (love you baby x)

and like jesus, vice died


no, sorry, shes fuckin dirty.


I went for a job in Woolworths when i was 16 and didn't get it. I'm either too retarded or too brilliant.


What DID they sell? It doesn't look like they sold anything.


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