"I was 15 years old, and I was punk as fuck" Wow, you're awesome.


the third to last sentence is truly a think of beauty. and i think about 112 words. so glad to have another dickheadz to enjoy. keep them coming and all will be well.

if thats the picture of him being twelve and dancing in the present he hasnt changed, if you saw him in a club you would think he was a massive dick trying to impress bigger dicks.

Mr Business

This is really great. More of this type of funny.

dickheadz is brilliant

Running into shitty people from grade school is always amazing. Great story!

adolf hitler

this sentence is beautiful: "...he was so choked up with anguish and nougat and drool."

i'd say the dickhead is the person who spent who knows how long writing an article about how they still hate someone they knew when they were 12. AND when you're 12 and it's obvious that your mom is doing all the raising, how can you help but be the school wimp that cries all the time. these are the kinds of things that you realize as an adult. it helps in moving past grade school

i love dick                    headz

don't let the bummer brigade above me get you down. dickheadz is the best blog semi-feature vice has going. and for the hater, you just became a dickhead writing about a dickhead that wrote about a dickhead. how does that make you feel, dickhead?

I kinda felt bad for Jasper but, yeah your kinda asking for it if your carrying a bouquet of flowers and wearing a gay outfit with roller blades. even gay guys would call yuo a fag.


crossed arms with thumbs up screams dickhead. good call.

i think its quite sad really. you'd have to be a right cunt to write an article about how you used to bully a 12 year old.


Sounds like me at that age.
I was raised by my mom (who was herself a huge emotional wreck)and ended up being a sensitive boy who thought the world was against me, always.
By 14 i was a ball of hate, and a 'punk' kid as well (this was well before the scene-kid explosion so that certainly added to my torment.)
I'm just glad i survived that state-of-mind. Good music and literature helped me out of that.
Saved by Lou Reed and Kurt Vonnegut!


I think its time you got over all this shit. i cant even remember the people i went to school with.and im 24.


I'm glad you took the 10 years since all these events occured to get over the horrible and terrible experience you had to suffer through with Jaspar, the boy who completely ruined your life...



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Trish - I love all the pictures. I cant wait to see the rest of them. You and Logan did a butauifel job capturing our special day! Thanks so much!!!


First off- Rudy Giuliani will never be the Republican candidate for President. He has a lot of poanesrl history that works against him, among other things. Also, he is a liberal when it comes to social issues. There is no way the republican electorate would nominate him in the current political climate. As far as other candidates. The first would be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy. He has made a name for himself in recent years for being a tell it like it is' politician. He is not worried what people think of him, and he has stood up to some major labor unions in America and won. He has shown himself to be a leader who will make tough decision. But, he does not have a long political history, so that could work against him. I don't know what people reading this think about unions, but one big fight right now is how much power unions have. In short unions in America have a lot of power. Currently, there is a fight going on as to where the line needs to be drawn in these tough economic times.And one other candidate who I think will jump into the race, but I see him as a long shot to enter right now is Representative Paul Ryan. He is the Chair of the Budget Committee in Congress and is seen as one of the smartest men in Washington. He wrote a comprehensive budget this year that would have redesigned the American system and saved a lot of money. But, with Obama as President and Democrats controlling the Senate it was dead on arrival. If he does not run this year, look for him to run down the line. He would be a change of pace from past presidents, since he has been very involved in budget talks in recent years and he knows the American budget like no one else. The biggest problem he faces is the political climate. He is not a flashy guy. He would not excite people. Well, he wouldn't excite the average Republican that is. He is too smart I would dare say for most people. So, keep an eye on Paul Ryan and Chris Christy. There is a chance one or both will run.


Good article. There are no fewer than FIFTEEN follamry declared candidates at this point, with no real front-runner. Which is probably a good thing to me, as the front runners this early on never normally win. It's usually those who are mid table or who don't have the media attention/saturation that don't fail to live up to the hype. It wasn't until very late on before the 1992 primaries that Clinton actually became a front runner if I recall .The GOP haven't yet fielded an electable candidate but Perry or Romney will probably clinch a nomination.Bachmann too crazy to attract anyone outside of her baseGingrich might pull through but his staff has abandoned him and he's actually heavily in debtHuntsman a moderate, and former Obama Ambassador, which means he's DOA in the primariesRon Paul too Libertarian for the GOPPerry the great hope has already made so many comments that will turn off any moderate voter: Ben Bernanke (Chairman of Fed Reserve) is treasonous; abolish direct elections of Senators; allow Congress to overrule a Supreme Court decision by 2/3rds majority etc.There's always a former Governor of Alaska though


I think our Universities would kill for the way some American students look back at their edatcuion and in particular the alumni donations. While I was studying abroad there was an alumni weekend and in the entrance to the cafeteria there was a running tally of each class' and their donations. I believe the class of 71 or suchlike was leading the way at about $1 million dollars. Aberdeen University (which has 15,000 students to that colleges 1,500) raised a similar amount from ALL of it's alumni in one year. One thing I will contest is that the friendliness is false, I've met loads of very helpful people, even in big cities like New York. Including for example a homeless guy who would accept nothing more than a cup of coffee for helping me to my hostel in Harlem.

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