q: did you hear the one about helen keller?

a: no

q: neither did she!


I thought these were all going to be lame, but they get pretty sublime toward the middle. My favorite is:

Q. Doctor, that needle smells bad.
A. What? This little guy? No way.


I love you, clopton. klonopin.

pocket knife

Q. I got fired today.
A. No you didn't! Ha ha!
Q. Yeah, you're right! Ha ha!
A. Ha ha!

i laughed my head off at that one!
wouldnt mind more bryan,
wouldnt mind it at all.


these are good. you should take this show on the road with you and pretend to hang yourself at the end.

So funny I forgot to laugh!


one question: who the fuck's gonna employ you when you have such shit chat?

stretching it

Only like one third of the Qs actually qualify as questions.

Burglar Dave

How much did they pay you to write these jokes?

Julio Inglesias

Thumbs up, more jokes soon please.

bryan clopton

they don't pay me anything! oh, and i finally got a job.


WTF is this? Seriously, what in the fuck is this supposed to be? Funny?

don't quit your day job. hahahahaha, whoops too late!

pizza pi

Those be some fuckawesome jokes mang.

I took to writing some of my own ya dig?

Q:A Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew walk into a bar.
A:They enjoy their drinks and respect each other's views

Q: A guy walks into a bar.
A: His addiction is destroying his family.


maybe im just being silly but none of that was funny...at all...

Chicago Interpreter

Dentist: Honey, I think we have to stop seeing each other already. Your husband is getting suspicious of our illicit affair.
Honey: But why, we love each other...
Dentist: We're running out of excuses, you only have one tooth left!

Eprocurement software

I sat under a tree, and told the tree with tears falling: Why do I always get hurt? Don't I deserve to be happy? The tree answered: "don't cry, everyone deserves to be happy and getting hurt is just part of life so cheer up!" ... My tears start falling and I .... run fast while screaming.... "helpppp!! there's a talking tree out there!"


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