you should've tried putting your hand in a vagina


This is a totally rational fear. I am sympathetic. You are very brave/stupid.


Agreed that this is a rational fear. Has anyone else been scared to put their hands in those holes at zoos/aquariums/museums that tell you to guess what is inside (even though you knew personnel didn't sneak a snake/piranha/spider in any of them)?

Barry "End Panic Attacks and Anxiety" Gordon

I would be hesisitant to stick my arm in a hole!

Sha Sha Belcar

There are lots of styles and methods on how to deal with panic attacks. Try reading this site to further help you out. http://www.stoppingpanicattack.com

Andrew Roberts

hey lots of people are really afraid of some uncertainties..but dont panic..there are some techniques in dealing with this, one is by breathing exercises...better yet check this out..http://www.stoppingpanicattack.com
they have methods that really works..stop panicking it wont help.

Randy Stickler

This is one fear you need to overcome...check this out as your reference and avoid panicking..

alex villa

i did experienced that one, but you see there are times that we need to do that..at any rate, here is one of the site that you need to check..www.stoppingpanicattack.com, this would help you out before you get to panic.

carlos smith

A lot of people telling me how their anxiety
makes them feel very cut off or removed from the
world around them. This sensation can be distressing
as people fear that they will never be
able to feel normal again.

Stress or Anxiety can often feel like a thick fog has surrounded
your mind. Nothing really seems enjoyable as you are
always looking out at the world through this haze of
anxious thoughts and feelings. This fog steals the joy
out of life and can make you feel removed
or cut off from the world.

Cure Panic Attacks

i would be hesitate to stick my arm in -------

chicago property management

I remember a boy sticking his finger in a hole and it saved the whole city. What was the title of that story?

Carlos SMith

It was estimated that every year the amount of people who suffer from panic attacks is increasing. Panic attacks are the very first symptoms of a panic disorder. There are many approaches to a panic disorder. But one thing is clear a panic disorder is a very serious physical problem accompanied by panic attacks (a sudden increase of fear that comes without any obvious reasons). During panic attacks a sufferer feels very tense and scared and may have the following symptoms: intensive heartbeat, hurried pulse, giddiness, sickness, sweatiness and at last fear that almost paralyses all the organs. All these symptoms may appear all of a sudden and take a sufferer aback

Mark Wahlberg

Rather actually! hey lots of people are really afraid of some uncertainties..but dont panic..there are some techniques in dealing with this, one is by breathing exercises...

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