that guy looks like he's related to oasis

they've all got blue eyes

'totally brilliant leaflets with hardly any spelling mistakes'

'having our phone numbers nad emails'



haha. what a bunch of cool dudes. i know what i'm voting next time around. anything to get into that crew

these guys. their favourite political party of all time is the nazis, whose biggest strength was their presentation skills. what gives?

Literal Minded

Talk about "reasonable."

Explain why Allah gets pissed off. Explain why he gets pissed off even ONCE if he's God.

Mr Sandman

Wayne wears Gap shirt, Primark jacket and American Apparel underwear


a suburban bnp party would be so badass

Bad Brains

BNP is like that bland white glop served in a dirty bowl to poor orphan's, reluctantly.

What a bunch of fuddy-duddy's, and they never seem to just die off.

rubba rubba


these people are Freedom, their way is the Way

the guy with the brows looks like a rip raper


'Moaning'? They might be cunts but that doesn't make it OK to leak their full contact details. It's only a short step away from leaking the details of anyone you disagree so people can go and threaten their kids. This in the same week that anti-terror police were used to arrest a front bench member of the opposition. Not democracy. Either the party should be banned, or it should be legal, in which case no breach of voter anonymity. It doesn't really work both ways.

George Michael

Do you read the news? Who do you think leaked their details? Gordon Brown?


No. Where did I say that? It doesn't matter who leaked it. A democratic society could take responsibility to bring the leak under control, rather than leave it out there.


I stopped taking advice on democracy from people called Adolf a long time ago. Good to see you stil sticking it to The Man though, mein fuhrer.

Whathehelle Fontenelle

Ridiculous. Whose seen Roll Deep vs the BNP video? http://whathehellewonders.blogspot.com/2008/11/roll-deep-vs-bnp.html. Nice.


Does that mean you used to take advice on democracy from people called Adolf? What put you off? Are you really really old and the sight of jews and gays and gypos being burnt made you think it was a bad idea? Good call.

I have to agree with Adolf (er, bloke above, not Adolf Hitler). BNP members - misguided, pathetic twats that they are - should have the same data protection rights as everyone else.


No, it's because a long time ago I knew tit-faced cock-muncher called Adolf who gave me some really bad democracy advice and I've distrusted Adolfs on the subject of democracy ever since. Does this make me as blinkered and knee-jerk as your typical BNP member? Perhaps. But I'm too old to change.


His mum should have known better really.

That picture is still mesmerizing. I remember when you first ran it, coming by almost daily and just staring at it for like 15 minutes at a time, trying to figure out every separate guy's deal. At some point i had a mental schematic with all their names, jobs (or lack thereof), marital status, and the "final straw" which made them join BNP. All I can remember right now is that the guy in the blue jacket and the creepy looking ghost dude over his shoulder were gay, although the jacket guy was still married.

My favorite part is how the only reasonably dressed guy is the one holding the sign, which instantly makes him the least reasonable of the lot.


im more fascinated with the conversation between adolf and MJ than with this whole article.


where does that guy live, brookside close? tanned dude looks like he could be the writer of brookside.


Two things.

1.)That woman looks like a dalek with a tan.
2.)What the fuck is happening with those eyebrows? Are they allowed to vote?

Sof again

Just look at the man 3rd in from the left in the top picture. His chin is MESMERISING. He looks like Desperate Dan, if Desperate Dan was a fat racist.


If it takes 5 of these people to put a leaflet though a door I'm not listening to a word they say.

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