Article. Couldn't agree more.

can't wait to kill myself over the tortured words of some poor music hack having to explain why 'this sex is on fire' is seminal.


A bit boring but Glasvegas and Vampire Weekend made two of the best albums of the year. MGMT made 2 of the best songs.

there's no such thing as 'best song' simon

i would like to date joanna newsom... great arse.

These fucking lists and the music "blogosphere" (gag) are so atrocious. It's almost enough to make me give up completely on trying to follow new music. MGMT? Vampire Weekend? Is anyone even trying anymore?

(#27 I can get behind, though. At least we still have our yearly semi-awesome Nick Cave album to look forward to.)

no 31 boys noize
no.26 i suppose reads like bloc party to me
so on so forth
great list indeed hahaha


Is this supposed to be funny? Because it certainly isn't. It's more sad and pathetic.
BTW, this entry is insulting, not funny: "Number 20: Token world muso." If you think "World Music" is necessary then you know nothing about "World Music." To most of us outside of your comfortable and cushy First World societies, World Music is just fucking music like all of that crap from Bruce Springsteen and Cristina Aguilera. There's no difference where the music is from. If it's crap, it's crap; I don;t care if it's from Singapore or Bristol, UK. Fuck Best of lists; they are for morons and a sorry excuse for a wage.

"Fuck Best of lists; they are for morons and a sorry excuse for a wage."
er djelrock? are you a fucking moron?


djelrock - I don't think you get the point of this list. By the way... don't feel bad, your world album will make a list one day :)


Brilliant list! My favorite entry - Number 13: Hyper-obscure album everyone was bamboozled into voting for cos Pitchfork gave it a 9.9, despite sounding like every other folk album ever.

I immediately thought of the Vashti Bunyan album of a couple years ago which was pleasant enough, but nothing special.

Tony H

I would love to be as jaded and blasé as this about new music every year. It would be oh so very much easier than paying attention or giving a shit, wouldn't it.



What is this "list" exactly? You figure out the riddle which then gives you the band name for each number? Judging by most of this tripe, I would suspect that this "list" is propagated with nothing but shite indie bands, which are nothing more than mopey dopes making mopey music for their dopey friends. It's all the same - vanilla-milquetoast crap that has no business being released out of the myriad basements it's made in.

As far as I'm concerned, to make the world a better place, punch an indie band member in the face. Repeatedly.


Is this piece really that confusing or did everybody on the internet just fail basic reading comprehension?

The point is not that new music is lame or that world music is unlistenable garbage bankrolled by Western guilt issues (debatable), it's that "music journalists" are some of the most gormless, formulaic writers on earth and that their year-end lists follow an astonishingly specific pattern from year to year.


After reading nearly all these posts, i was thinking the exact same thing. The whole list is a jab at 'journalists' and it seems as though nearly everyone is taking it as a serious post.
Settle down.


The list is brilliant. Especially if you can solve the riddles and figure out which hip new indie band the writer is talking about. Jesus, some people are stupid. Thank you for explaining it ames, so I don't have to.


capper is a slapper I love you andy love chicago.


I don't get it what are the bands plz i am not understanding this list plz help if this is humor then you suck

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What a great post. I really enjoyed it. But honestly, I would never say Neil Young has the best album ever! No way. Maybe Pink Floyd's animals or something like that.


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