kanye is a rim piece.


Kanye West has invented a few things now. There's being black, he invented that, as well as the ego, the music video, polo-neck shirts and apparently being a twat.

he invented getting praise for being a cunt. and talking about how great he is in public without a glimmer of humility.


yes, kanye is a toolbag, but i think he knows what he's doing. he stays in the news and makes himself look smart and cutting edge to the masses. some of us realize it's a sham, but we still listen to his music so what's it matter to him?


kanye is a total fucking idiot his new album stinks about as much as warhol

Professor Frank

'Pop Tart' more like it. Yak yak yak.


"we still listen to his music so what's it matter to him?"
Speak for yourself. If the masses honestly think he's smart and cutting edge then they are idiots.

Having a producer sample other tracks then putting some of your own stuff and rapping the same (or slight variations of the same) lyrics over the top and adding a few bits about how pimping you are.

Let's get lost tonight
You could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight
And you don't give a fuck what they all say right?
Awesome, the Christian and Christian Dior
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask 'cause I'm not sure
Do anybody make real shit anymore?

he's a fucking donk, he's fucking sting

Kanye East

Isn't that one of those new police tazers clutched in his little mitts?


Kanye West certainly is a cunt. When I
worked in a shoe shop he came in once with his manager. He asked to try on about 20 different pairs of Air Max in size 3 or whatever he is, while his manager went round the shop asking girls if they 'wanted to meet Kanye West'. There weren't many takers. Spike Lee, on the other hand, came in without his entourage, was polite and behaved like a regular person, but seemed a tiny bit racist.

kanye once slept with my mate. he made her put her head in a pillow case while they screwed! still his new album is great, i havent heard a black artist actually make something that isn;t fucking shit since saul williams


lil wayne - wayne's world - mike meyers - dr evil - mini me. do i win a job at american apparel?

West London Glaziers

Kanye West = Talentless

moncler down jacket

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

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