one of the best things ever, fuzzy wuzzies and tar brushes...

wow. this is the rest of my day sorted.

jon kennedy

fascinating !
and sick at the same time
cup of tea ?

papa smoke



this is really fascinating, it's so sad to think that most of this has been lost


I have never read such a heap of crap in my life as your stupid uneducated comment about the straw boys. I suggest you wisen up janet before posting this rubbish.
The strawboys: Men who were uninvited to a wedding, made straw hats to conceal their identity then gate crashed, singing and dancing all night and keeping the newly weds awake. When you make comments about irish freedom fighters..get your facts straight.

Jesse Hake

I was looking for pages about how teeth are factors of one being considered as beautiful, but I never imagined coming across a blog like this. I never thought that there was a culture that actually promotes knocking teeth out so that one can be called beautiful. I guess there are some cultures like that. These days, I'd go to the dentist and have my teeth cleaned and fixed. I have a friend who told me that her dentist in Myrtle Beach, SC has made her teeth look whiter than before. She sent me a picture and I can really tell that her smile has indeed become whiter than it was before. She was a smoker back then. I hope I can go and visit this dentist in Myrtle Beach. I really want to have a perfect smile, too. Geez, I really wish I didn't start smoking in college.

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