a REAL tattooist

Down here in Devon, we're still left with Andrew's legesy of fuck up's.
Trueth be told, the only reason he moved to London was to escape the hords of people baying for his blood. He was SACKED from his job in the Ilfracomb studio in Devon for being shit and only managed less than a year in his ownn studio before being run out of town. He was sued at least twice that i know of and if you'd like some proof of his dog-shit scratchings then i'll happily send you loads of examples. Wanker, i'm glad he's fucked off and if you want my advice............Stay well clear of him, he's a butcher.

An old client

I'll second that!.... i was stupid enough to go and get scratched by the butcher, even though loads of people tryed to warn me off him. How i wish i'd listerned to that advice! Now i'm left with a COMPLETE heap of shit on my arm that looks like a toddler's done it with a crayon.

All that stuff he says about himself is all lies, what's written above is closer to the trueth. He was sacked for the studio in Ilfracomb, "14 Tattooing" i believe,( ring and ask for Chalky if you don't believe me) and never really got up and running with his own studio before work dryed up. His name is STILL a joke around here and is often refered to as Andrew"butcher" May or some times Andrew"crayola" may. I'm just glad that there are some proffesional tattoo artists back here in Devon who are equiped with the skills and know how to sort out his endless stream of fuck ups and scratcings. Mine included.

A voice of reason

You two seem to have remarkably similar tones of voice; not to mention flawed grammar. You both even misspell Ilfracombe the same way! Are you really from Devon? You're probably related I guess... Whilst I'm sure Andrew's development of style night not be to everyone's taste, he seems to have carved quite a niche for himself in London and I know of a great number of satisfied customers. I really love the darker, simpler, old English/pagan-styled work he creates himself. And from witnessing his work firsthand, I can attest that he is, for such a relatively young tattooist, extremely skilled, and far from a 'butcher'. Each to their own.


The guys tattoos are shit, bland, and thoroughly ugly. Please, carving a niche, my fucking arse! His work is flat, one demensional and not very polished. You can say what you want about taste, but the person whom wears it apparently has little or no taste at all. I have seen his work numerous times and have even known him to give the shit away for a lesser rate than a more calebrated artist with more talent. As for the "voice of reason" STFU, you obviously haven't seen enough of this mans work. He can dress as if he's from a different era, and his tattoos look just as bad from that day and age aswell. He might as well sell snake fucking juice to you while tattooing you, cause they are crap. I could care less about what he did in Devon, but his work in London hasn't improved
much to say the least. So I can only imagine what his work looked like then. Sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if your going to become a tattoo artist, at least make your work look like your attempting to create something beautiful rather than something that appears to be a shit stain done with permanent ink.

Mrs May

I'm a tattoo artist and have had to put right countless scraps of Andrew May's work. and for those of you (ie... " the voice of reason"...)who need some proof of his so called tattoo artistry follow this link.
Top row, 6th pic in from the left and second row, eigth ppic in from left.


And you still gonna stand there and say he's got talent?....Thought not.

I whole heartedly agree with the above statement and that of the two at the beginning. As for the "Voice of reason",.... well, just goes to show that there's plenty of retards around......"Carving a niche". Back in my day it was simply known as "poor workmanship". Honestly, just look at what he's STILL turning out.... A CHILD can do better, in fact my 13 year old daughter HAS!! Talk about "the Emperors new cloths, Syndrome"


whats this bens guys second name?
his tattoos are gnarly as fuck!
i'd love to see more of them...

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