yeah but those guys are vbs, not the magazine. two totally different things. just saying.

But isn't that the same Eddy doing the interview for the magazine as the VBS Eddy in the picture from the wired article?



A) That's the same guy as in the wired article and B) I've been in that office and there are like 20 people working there tops. Totally different things my ass.


Shit, great minds again I guess.

why dont u tell us all why you were in the vice office? sounds like a story.

The Riggs

fuck you eric. jealous poo poo head. im gonna fucking wreck you with a microwavable oatmeal bar.

love riggs

ok. it's The Riggs again. and now that i've read up on this whole charade i can post a mature response to wireds attack.
wired is just an older more losery kind of magazine with a lame logo that looks cheap.
Wired is jealous of the young, yippee kiya atmosphere over at Vice and they are tired of trying so hard to get nowhere.
Wired is all grown up and done growing.
Vice has just started to workout.

ps. i am a devout vice fan and have been for atleast 5 years. graphic design is my language/job and vice is often my inspiration.

The Riggs

they actually wrote a shnazzy article about vice. oooops. oh well. wired still sucks, trying to use the vice vibes to make themselves look better. like that guy that aint gay but always wants you to go to the club with him so that he looks cool.
ok im getting obsessed with defending vice.


this just goes to show that Vice has COMPLETELY lost its sense of humor.

joel barish

The article sounds awesome. Creative even.


WTF is this masturbatory bullshit ... both of your magazines peaked years ago get the fuck over yourselves


Every government service works like WIRED except it's 10 times worse (if not/especially) the military. If you want to know how much bullshit is involved with the socialist bureaucracy nightmare world we live. Look no further.


Good job Vice. So what's next, you guys are going to have a cock measuring contest and compare it to Wired's office?


vice's interview will be better because it's a Q&A so we get to hear kaufman actually talk and not just some schmuck expounding on his brilliance and hair color. end o' story.


Actually, please, if you want to HEAR kaufman talk, you can listen to him on wired's profile of their profile. with vice, you can read what he said.


I'm just wondering when we can see those drawings done.


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