fucking australians


Dont diss cobain, he was cool

lol wtf


why so angry alex? i have been there by coincidence. nothing is irony. this you two have in common ;-). but she is more poetic. she feels. you scream.


lol. I like the idea. anyone here who would like to smoke me? young japanese girls in school uniform?


what?? no legal action on c. love's behalf??


why the fuck are we letting her get away with putting the ashes of an icon into a fucking spliff and light them???? its fucking disgraceful.

i fucking hope she asphyxiates because of them.


that's going to be one shitty tasting joint, half-baked metaphor or not.


nirvana were pretty fucking sweet


thats fuckin gross. how is necrophillic ash worship art?

how long before some asshole cross-breeds some kobain kush because of this garbage

Star Wars

That is so corny.

It seems more and more that what it takes to be an artist is a total lack of imagination or understanding of what true creativity is.

Keith Richards snorted his dad's ashes and didn't place it in any context. It was him being him.

Taylor Gibbons

You don't get it! This is clearly a metaphor!

Wow, an opinion.


what a stupid whore.

shag rug deluxe

They do get it! Its clearly banal!

Isn't she worried Courtney Love is going to come after her with an axe?

Stuart Wilson

Fuckin whore, no respect

neil d

I couldnt agree more, that artist is a fucking loser. No one will believe it and what's more, I doubt anyone will care other than finding the whole thing extremely irritating.

This is the kind of ammo that builders read in the Sun and spit back out at anyone that mentions art.


I'm going to smoke the artists ashes in an even more ironic turn.

the easter bunny

Hey, Star Wars, thanks for that dude, I'd almost missed it!

the easter bunny

Scrap that, actually, I meant to thank Taylor Gibbons...


This woman is pathetic, attention seeker and trying very hard to be cool and get a reaction from the press.
If she cant do art fine but dont be such a bitch !

gay steve

Creative Aussie? Bollocks... no such thing


why so many mentions of cobains heroin addiction? damn

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