the wire

OH MY GOD THAT IS OMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this article makes me want to start cutting again.

and by cutting i mean eating a burrito

and by eating a burrito i mean a taco, or three


I hope that the guy that wrote this entry loses a limb or gets a giant-ass scar across his face. The entry was beyond childish.


What's childish about scars? Scars are awesome. I've got a little white crescent right in the crook of my thumb and index finger from where a rusty fishook snagged me when I was little. If the Muslims ever take over I'm going to try and use it to convince them I'm the 8th Imam or whatever.


wow vice wow. . .those were the fucking wankest fucking scars and stories ever you lame ass lazy vegan fuckers. Try like. . looking for cool tatoos instead of shopping for homoerotic "hipster" clothing all the time! ASDFOUIHoiudhf FUCK MY LIFEE


i love scar stories- i have an awesome scar on the very corner of my eye and i almost lost it.
my brother and i were playing american gladiators when i was young and i was doing his obstacle course blindfolded. part of it was me standing on a pillow case and he thought (brilliantly) that he could pull it out from under me-like the trick with the tablecloth. well it didn't work and i flipped and fell on the corner of the bed. blood EVERYWHERE- i didn't even notice i was bleeding though until i saw my face in the mirror at which point all hell broke loose.


i enjoyed that. don't understand why some people are moaning.
i want to know how the black dude at the top got his scar.
i have a kelloid scar on my back from wrestling drunk and being stabbed by a pointy table.


wel I GOT SOME!!!!


omars being about the best of the bunch. proof that pub fights are all they're cracked up to be, the man carved (ooh) a career out of that scar

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Eleanor: I agree that English people are lame, but they have a right to Saint Patrick, what with him being British and all. And "slaying a dragon" is far superior to "chasing snakes".

I think Austrailians are the lamest, because they are a weak ex-colony of Brits. Sorry, mates. 2945abc45 0423

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