apocalypse wow

oh man that photo of him in the review. the horror... the HORROR

Foxy D

Oh, you mean HE'S old. I thought you were talking about his material.


Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it talks about a guy from tool doing DK covers.


i saw jello do one of his "spoken word" things in boston. i thought it was going to be amazing, as i had just moved there from tennessee where we didnt get much DK and such live. it turned out to be HORRIBLE. all he did was talk about how bad the president is. really? no shit? politicians are bad people? i left in the middle to go make out with the girl i was on a first date with. i was embarrassed to have brought her there.

Punk is dead

Thank you Vice,for giving me an excuse to rip into Jello Biafra.
Not only is he way too old to be performing but all his music is awful now. He's hopelessly out of touch and overstates/or wrong about everything.
I'm so glad that it's 2008 and we can give all the punk/hardcore bands what's coming to them. Much like the way they gave it to the hippies before them.
Anyone up for some Crass bashing?


Well, he's got a few years until he reaches the embarrassment level of the Stones.

Blappy Slaphole

Don't you mean "convergence"?


I mean, come on now- people are kind of allowed to be old, and may time have mercy on us...


way to rip my idea for the "Jello and Fred Drivetime Chat Hour" that I came up with 15 years ago. assholes.

dah doye

hating on jello is what's REALLY old, did he not do enough for you entitled pricks? very ungrateful! you NEW new yorkers kill me, you want to SAVE the cbgb multinational t-shirt factory, you name a street after someone who could barely read, but you kick jello to the curb just because he didn't OD like that bag of shit johnny thunders. that guy has done more for what any of you stand for than all of you put together ever will. new york's all right, if you like saxophones. (oh yeah, and the fact that the melvins came out and did mangled demos is a bummer too huh?) you are all incorrect kiddies, do your homework.


hahaha, try reading dah doye's comment outloud in Jello's voice (you have to do the tremolo thing for the words in all caps).


The problem with what you're saying is that the real NEW New Yorkers wanted nothing to do with the Save CBs campaign or the Ramones street naming thing or whatever you're referring to about Johnny Thunders. All that shit was the effort of the aging punk rock establishment, the same establishment who stage these pathetic reunion shows and get up in arms over the "entitled younger generation" when they refuse to pay the proper reverence to a 50-year-old man desperately clinging to the quicly waning glory of his 20s. What's funny is this is the EXACT same kind of "respect your elders" bullshit the hippies fell into as they got old. Can't wait to hear some DKs in a commercial for Bally's (it's fucking coming, kids, get ready).

dah doye

it wasn't a reunion show you ballhandler, it was a birthday party! the only way that the DK's would be in any commercial would be if the other members that still pretend to be DK without jello sell the music they sued him for. I do not believe in the whole "respect your elders" bag, but I do however think that respect should be given when due. another thing, homeboy knows that he's old, he is making fun of himself with the stupid shirts and shit, I heard he was hilarious all night, the man don't give a fuck, but you should. respeckonize, padna!


Is he also making fun of himself with his hackneyed political speaking tours and horrrrrible spoken word records?


PS: As I understood it, the real whipping boy of the post was supposed to be the concert reviewer. Exhibit a:

"San Francisco has definitely had its fair share of "once in a lifetime" type shows over the years. And from Metallica on stage with Mercyful Fate at The Stone to a "surprise" Nine Inch Nails gig at The Oasis, or an epic Mentors New Year's Eve show, I've been lucky enough to witness more than a few performances that most people never got the opportunity to see, simply because they never happened anywhere else."

Way to slip in the Mentors for "cred," Raymond.

dah doye

yeah, I agree with you there, they are pretty bad. but I dunno, I can't knock the dude for trying to help, even if it's kinda sad. well I guess you can. but that's not the topic here, the topic is "waaah, we don't want old people to age or have birthdays, or parties, waaah!" can a bruthuh party?

dah doye

ttr you're right, but everyone here started complaining about jello's right to age... there's always room for jello


While we're on the subject though, it would really make our day if somebody drew a diagram

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