I'd tell myself to do more acid while my brain is still young and nimble.


Sorry, I meant supple.

a baldwin brother

i'd tell myself that emily is clean, so relax and dive in.

is it gay, or masturbating if I gave my high-school self a hand job?


I wonder how weird the future would turn out if I just punched myself in the face and left without saying anything.


I'd tell myself not to get in the car the night he died.

a baldwin brother

I'd tell myself to never bring shotgun to a party


Jesus, when did the readers on this site turn into the cast of a Tim Hunter movie?

book e.

It's only gay if you get hard.


I'd tell myself to do something with my time other than smoke pot 6 times a day, because then i probably wouldnt hate it today


i'd tell myself to pull my head outta my ass and get some good grades. school was only like 3 years so just get through it and chill. also to totally slut it up. you don't need a long term girlfriend in highschool.

and just quit that stupid band. they suck and punk is, indeed, dead


I'd tell myself to not waste my time reading that stupid 1-minute in Time Travel heaven article in Vice because the people they interviewed were so lame. Well, maybe that guy who went back and told himself he was gay just to fuck with himself was kinda funny..


Yeah, but he'd have some 'splainin to do once he got back to the present.

Or would he?....


When you are traveling around Europe, why not stay there for a while? You can be a squatter. That liberal arts education never helps you, go to business school or something that makes money. Only sleep with nice people, don't get talked in to it by creeps. You are way better than all those boys you are about to sleep with. Don't eat all that junk food! Would it kill you to join a gym?


i would describe a certain ex to the best of my abilities, and then say, "avoid at all possible costs. you won't even KNOW the hell i'm saving you from. thank me. THANK ME NOW, oh and quit wishing death and suffering onto ______ because when you do see ______ die you will be guilty about all the suffering you wished upon ______."


I'd tell myself to start listen to death metal and hang out with weirder people. Would've saved me a lot of time catching up later in life.
Oh, and I'd tell myself not to worry so much about girls becuase everything young me had been told was true and when i get to university I'm gonna be getting so much class A pussy that I don't won't know what to do with it.
Then I'd tell myself I'm fucking rad, give myself a sliff, attempt a short lesson in the basics of quantum mechanics so as not to freak myself out too much when I dissapeared in a puff of herb.

it's only gay if your balls touch


I'd tell myself to stop worrying about the cool kids cause in the future, they'll either be your best friends or drug addicts or both.
Also, I'd tell myself to read a fashion magazine once in a while, actually do my homework and reject the guy who asked me to prom and then didn't show up.


I'd pretend I was just some sick stalker and start telling me about myself and all the nasty shit I did. Then I'd just be like oh I gotta disapear now dont worry though I'm just a meth ghost.


"I'd tell myself not to get in the car the night he died."

^^fuck off


It's not gay if you high five over the top.


I'd myself to dump your girlfriend and fuck anything and when the fittest girl in school tries to kiss you don't have a sweet little talk under the stars, give it to her under the stars. Stop smoking buckets before school, but take more acid in the holidays!


I would make sure that i would buy lots of copies of the rare Boards of canada albums and sell them for thousands of pounds on ebay. I also would make sure that i was still with my girlfriend that i loved and now forever split up with. I would warn myself not to get scammed by a russian girl. And i would of started making excellent music at an earlier age and become a pioneer in electronic music. I would start eating healthier from an early age and finally, what is wrong with making yourself rich with the lottery or something??

argent folly

It's lame is what's wrong. Technically it's the right answer, just like wishing for infinite wishes, but in the context of hypotheticals it just makes you seem like a smug, uncreative asshole who thinks he's being clever.

Oh shit, I just noticed your name was Anthony. Sorry, nevermind.

a baldwin brother

Adam- good point.

Avoided a world of trouble

I'd have pulled out of Danielle Taylor about 30 seconds earlier.

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