wow deep... lolz


fuk faith salie that show fucking sucks. bitch gotta crack a lame joke every fukin 5 seconds eat a fkin dick with aids on the tip you bitch why npr turning into lame comedy channel

Big Al Wagner

I loved this whole program. Talk abour risking it all for your art. Very compelling to watch.

Heavy Metal Rules

WoW. that is really damn deep. Life has to really suck over there. If you got heavy metal running through your viens then you should be allowed to live that life style.

Just makes you realize how much the US rocks

what a boring idea heavy metal sucks major its for people who just want to shout

give me dionne warwick over those dropout punks anyday i saw her on top of the pops two the other day she did 'dont make me over' it sounded beautiful. you can never say that about antof that bullshit.

um im so shocked they are in iraq and thy had to wear bullet proof jackets shocking so so shocking and deep i' m so moved.

all this is saying is america gone and really fucked another country up with their bullshit anger music. and now people in iraq believe they need to fight to make this music or at least risk their life. why don't they have families don't they have friends are they on holiday?

has anyone heard radio baghdad by patti smith. and now people have to fight for this in stead of all that is already there and beautiful in that country.

and why does iraq have to say to the west ' oh look we are human too' wht the fuck has the west grown up on that it believe that the rest of the world is behind them like asia and africa is developing its becoming the best it can be the shadow of a white man. please the only reason you do not understand the quran is because you are dumb and unless you start you will remain dumb for the rest of your life. and you dont know when that is gonna end.

if you read they book you will see we dont need shit from america and western culture the most sophisticated magazine they have to offer is vice and im being sarcastic.

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