i almost snorted out my tea reading this.


I remember the first time Aunt Flo came around. There was an excruciating pain shooting through my back, my stomach, my head. I kept telling my mum I needed to have my appendix out and told her to take me to hospital. 10 minutes later I was shouting at her for not caring that I was having a hernia. Little did I know that this was just a little treat that I was going to experience a few days of the month for the rest of my life, in order to have the pleasure of giving birth to another sorry ass human being one day.


I was 11 when I got my first period. My mum told me that all young girls get periods and it meant that now I was grown up.Contrary to this info I was soooo disgusted at myself that I just sat and cried for at least 2 hours. I was even more traumatised when it showed up the month after that and the month after that and the month after that...

Boy, it's hard being one.


jesus christ that is EXACTLY what happened to me when i got mine


imagine what it would be like if you didn't learn what a period was in school.
"you, don't know what's happening to me. i, am DYING."


I was thirteen when I got my period. On my vacation with my family in Mallorca. Didn´t not remember feeling any pain before that day. I was in the toilet and when I turned around I saw this red and brown shit everywere. I started crying and called for my mom. She told me to calm down and gave me a hug and said I was now a young woman. That made me cry even harder. I did not want to become a woman, at least not then. My little brother who at the time was 11, started banging on the door and asked what was going on! My mother came out of the toilet and told my brother to leave me alone, because I was not feeling that well. Of course my brother didn´t!!! Ruined my whole vacation!


ahhahhaa this happened to me (minus the "I thought I shit myself") part...I panicked and called Childline.


Man... mine was so uneventful. No pain, no ''you've now become a woman'' comments. My mum just gave me some pads and that was that. It was so, like, whatever.


yeah I remember my first period being like this. At first i had no clue what the stuff was beucause it was such a dark red almost brown. I ended up calling my friend from summer day camp who was in 7th grade. (i was in 6th) I knew she was older and could help becuase of course telling my mother would be too embarassing. well funny thing her older brother who was 14 was on the line while we were talking and she was telling me it was my period and we dicussed my cramping. he made fun of me for days. to this very day 7 years later if i complain of cramps or my period around him (our families are good friends now and spend too much time together! vacations..ect..) he brings up my first period experience that he feels so privilaged to be a part of. little twat.


i just got my period at the beginning of the month while i was at camp.i didnt think anything of it because it was jst there nad i had alot of stuff to do.Now though,it is back and i have to change my tampon every 2-3 hours................gosh it sucks.


My 1st was when I was 13
I was going with my Dad on a trip (He is a Truck Driver)
Anyways he had 2 bases to stop at, on the last day of the trip at the 1st base this is what happened...
I had to go to the bathroom so I went and I realized my underwear was covered mostly in blood...I WAS FREAKING OUT...I WAS SO SCARED
So I told my dad what happened then went to the semi to call my mom and ask her what was going on!!!
She said I just had my period so I changed my clothes...There was nothing I could get for my problem. SOOO I had to wait 2 hours till we got to the next base...We got there I had to go to the bathroom again so I went and when I was leaving I saw they had 1 of those things you could buy them from...Sadly I left my wallet in the Semi. So we waited another hour till another trucker came and I brought my quarters and went in...It didn't work. So we went to the military grocery store...I went in the bathroom... I asked a few woman that worked there it was emty!!!
And we couldn't buy anything there because we were not in the military!!!
So a nice lady there offered to buy some for us...So my dad's trucker friend gave her some money since I didn't have enough so she bought some. I went into the bathroom...I had no clue what to do so I called my mom and she gave me instuctions. So about 9 hours later I got home...and then came the grown-up comments.
The End


i just got my period


I like, just got my period today/ litterally! i was actually sort of excited... im the last of my friends so yeah (im 13)

Jennifer C

I remember my first period very well.

It was the 2nd week of my freshman year after I had started school. As we started the morning with gym, I didnt feel good. I thought it was just my stomach, but wasnt sure. After we ran our nourmal 1/2 mile run, I asked my gym teacher if I could go to the office and see my mom. My gym teacher asked if I was alright. I told her I felt sick and had what I tought were stomach pains and some wierd sickness. She took me into the locker room and asked me if I ever had my period before. I told her no. She called the office and asked for the school nurse, the principal, and my older sister to come. I felt wierd and thought I was in trouble. I thought I had some kind of very bad sickness and I was going to the hospital, but I was wrong. The nurse took me into the shower area and asked me to take off my pants. I realy felt embarassed and didnt know how to respond, but I did anyway. When I did she looked at me and said,"Yup, its what I thought.". I then looked down and noticed the inside of my sweat pants and my panties were covered in blood. I looked to the nurse and started to cry. She came over and gave me a hug and said,"Honey, its alright. Your a women now! You've had your first period! She then explained about it while the Principal, gym teacher, and my sister came in. Thank god, my sister had an extra pad and a pair of short shorts. Then My Mom(The Nurse) asked the principal if she could take me home for the day. I went home and threw my clothes in the trash, and got a new pair of shorts and panties out of my room. The rest of the afternoon, my mother explained and showed me how to use a tampon and a pad. She told me whichever is the most comfortable, I should use. I ended up goning with pads, but sometimes Ive learnt, tampons are a better choice depending on what your donig. The 3rd week of school came around, and my Health teacher(same as gym teacher) jumpped chapters in our book to a womens sexual organs and periods. She said somone in the school last week had their first period, but didnt say my name. As I left the classroom that day, I winked at her as I walked out the door.

Thats my story. Pretty wierd, but all true!


i am 13 in less than a month and got my period a day ago and it didnt all come out but i was at y grandmas and i went to the toilet and when I wiped loads of bllood came, then mmore and more. i was worried rang my mum who told me to put the phone on to my grandma and took it from there. didnt really have too much discomfort before, however, the day after killed.


mine was horrible i had been getting pains but i had all ready had them for about a year even though i hadnt started. it weiored cuz i thought i had shit myself 2

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