creepy but cute

i would love to spend a day hanging out with this guy. he's creepy but cute.

i want an Uncle Dirty in my family.


it could be goatse

goatse is dirty, indeed.

and "what he's got" is too symmetrical to be a dick


the full photoset is amazing. why isnt this in the mag??


You stole this from b3ta.com...

Subtract N from X

I wanted to steal this for our online magazine. How disappointing.


oh, btw, b3ta stole this from Vice.


fuel for satan....

The wife was probably fine till' she met this fuck-up.

lil jon

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This picture is somewhat disrespectful to your Uncle Dirty is very funny too.

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I have no problem with "Uncle Dirty" Do whatever you want and walk around the beach or the park, I see it hurts anyone.


I have no problem with "Uncle Dirty" Do whatever you want and walk around the beach or the park, I see it hurts anyone.Control Weight

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I do believe this grandfather ate Viagra? lol
cute pics!

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Wow that Sir looks awesome, he is very handsome, if you do exercises all the day you will look like that man, if my grandmother were here looking that man, she will tell me "oh he is so sexy"

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Oh god how could anyone find him sexy?

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Ohhh, Come On now. The view of uncle dirty makes me sick.

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Is there anyone from here who thinks that he is sexy? I am going mad...

Leansa With Acai

Could you imagine him having sex? It would be really funny.

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You are a woman. No matter your age. Tell me, honestly: Would you do sex with Uncle Dirty?

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