such BS
all the fights I've started I've lost...BAD
all the ones I've been thrown into I've won 30% of the time

so fcuk it


What's up with all the typos in this article? Vice, get yer shit together.


I've lost all my fights, but I've got my eye on my girlfriends ex and i've been training hard, one of these days...ooomf


Alberto's is the only the story that isn't pure bullshit, and maybe Kelvin's. Mathew couldn't beat a sponge, and bottles don't smash when you hit someone with them. They go FOONK and they squirrel out of your hands and then the guy's friends pound you into paste.


the problem with all the comments claiming bullshit here is that they stink of being written by people who have never once fought in their whole lives. hate to break it to y'all, but some people out there are actually good at fighting and given that half the participants in a fight invariably win them, why does it surprise you that some folks' "favorite fight" would be one that they won?

this is like back when vice had that story about the guy fucking five hookers in south america and everybody in the comments was like "this has to be a lie" because they've never been anywhere sketchier than a college-town strip club. grow up.

bottles do smash

people like to bottle each other a lot where i live in uk. bleeding skinheads are a common sight. I've never beaten anyone up because i'm too laid back, i normally get angry when it's all over and get annoyed that i didnt act.
I think i need a good beating to make me less scared, it cant be that bad.


Taryn is basically my worst nightmare.

matthew is full of shit

Re: "bottles don't break"

bottles break over heads if you swing em with commitment. It's all about commitment. If you want something bad enough, you can have it. follow your dreams


hey Jetpack.....that story was in the "Lies" issue you fucking moron!

Sheltered Kids

I have a friend who's broken at least 20 bottles over his own head. I've seen him do it at least 6 times myself. One night, completely wasted and inspired by my friend, I broke a beer bottle over my head. I did it with a lot of force and it broke pretty easily, but the shattered glass cut my head and immediately I was covered in blood. GT's.

Fighting is shit. I always feel better mentally after losing a fight. Who wants to be the shithead that beat someone up so bad they had to go to the hospital. Lame beans.


There's no such thing as bros after fights ( especially beer bottle fights), Matthew would break his wrist if he slugged a rotten pumkin.

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Eleanor: I agree that English people are lame, but they have a right to Saint Patrick, what with him being British and all. And "slaying a dragon" is far superior to "chasing snakes".

I think Austrailians are the lamest, because they are a weak ex-colony of Brits. Sorry, mates. 2945abc45 0423

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