Super Cool

Dear Vice,

Could you please blatantly ripoff Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and The Whitest Kids You Know and make the worst sketch comedy I've ever seen?

Super Cool

Dear Super Cool,

We've fulfilled your request. And at the prompt of your pseudonym, we tried to yank from UCB too. We hope you find it a self-indulgent masturbatory (youll get the pun after you watch!) mess.


Dear Vice,

And I didn't even ask for ugly dudes with "ironic" post-ironic beards! Mindreaders, you!

Love always,
Super Cool


sorry vice the only thing funny about white people is the color of their skin

crybaby commenter

hey Vice,
I think you should stick to what you know best..

hard hitting documentaries and insightful global reporting. Not being funny for the sake of such. wait? when the fuck did that happen?

hard to please

listen you douche bags ( pre commentors ) get over yourself that shit is funny . watch it again hold up a mirror and dont tell me you dont crack a smile .


um, yeah that wasnt funny. i know this is kind of awkward, and we've been friends along time but its just that gavin is funny and you guys arent. soooo i choose street carnage. have a nice life assholes.


way to go, vice. you made a show equivalent to being privy to an inside joke, except it's a lame hipster inside joke that only makes sense to four people and wasn't that funny to begin with.

what is a hipster? someone who posts negative snarky comments on blogs? Someone who is uncreative and doesn't make anything and just consumes? If it's so horrible why bother to post anything at all? Get a grip.

The Poet

Is it supposed to be ironic that this comedy series isn't funny at all?

I'm hoping Hottdogs redeem themselves by being impaled with sticks, dipped in batter and deep fried in their next episode.


its 4:20 long. Get it. Get it.

Oh my god vice magazine. You have david cross, the all time master of sketch comedy, commenting on do's and dont's on the same website as these retards?

ps The Whitest Kids You Know is fucking stupid.

Frank O'pinion

yeah, not to contribute to the neg vibes, but this show is a stinker. next time maybe get funny comedians to handle the comedy, rather than your nephew's zany noise-jam band... i feel bad about this comment because it seems a bit too pleased with itself. i just want to get across that i'm not digging these hottdogs. sorry, hottdogs :(

Primal Vision

Not sure if it's funny, but I don't think this video is meant to be ironic. I think they mean it.

I love this show! can't wait to see more!

Is it true daved cross produced this show? where are the celebrities?


pretty much anyone who takes the time to make half-baked, negative comments is pathetic beyond reason. has not been laid yet-type. y'know?


funny shit, but get rid of the bearded hipster. can't believe people like that still exist.

The last comment is pretty funny. It embodies everything that is lame about a hipster.

I am not Jim

This is the worst thing I've ever seen.

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