i think i cut a hole in a teddy bears crotch to use as a vagina.


this is brilliant. Vice at its 100% absolute best. We need more of this and less ten page articles that NO ONE reads.

A Fag

I feel like I forgot my first encounter on purpose and therefore will not sit here and ponder what it is. A++ though.

home made porno

ha ha amazing, i can totally relate to the home made porno thing

Where's the tower, where's the gun.

Vice at it's 100% best? Brilliant?
Random people talking about their first wank?
Yeh, maybe this is as good as Vice gets.
Aim high eh.
Fucking retards.

grow up

dont bother reading it then. fucking hell, comments on every page about how shit vice is. your still here reading it though. Why dont you read something a bit more sagacious, as your obviously SO above this childish masturabation chit-chat? No, youre pointlessly surfing a website, remarking on the decline of a magazine. wahey aim higher you fucker.


what he/she said. the makeshift porno, classic.


what he/she said. the makeshift porno, classic.


This is the kind of stuff that made Vice great. More, please...


no one wants to think about Brits getting off.


'Where's the tower, where's the gun'...i agree. well put.


Climbing pole is classics and it works with dicks too :P

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