chiken mole and cold pizza


rice w/ beans and rotisserie chicken


mangos and greek yogurt

I will survive

Doner Kebap + feta + white and red sauce

70% cocoa chocolate [ the expensive stuff ]


two huge salads

coconut curry shrimp and spicy mustard cream cheese wontons.


Beef Wellington & Mushroom/Pepperoni Pizza


this is funny.

Mighty Camaro

Clearly you're all retarded. Prime Rib and Al Pastor Taco's, is that even debatable?

beans on toast

Heinz or HP I ain't fussed, just not tesco value..

be good if i could squeeze some cheese on top of that too..

i know cheese, beans and toast is technically 3 things, but its actually only 1 meal. Cuz, like if you count chicken lasagne, or pizza, there made up of different parts, and they count as one..

shoot i spelt their as there...
Now i look dumb

shocked middle class westerner

Pizza margherita and apples!

mums christmas dinner and easy peel jaffa oranges


Cat shit and Bat heads

Dr Dick

Pork scratchings & corned beef


steak and kidney pie and thai green papaya s----. i know it isn't allowed, but it isn't really salad. more like a cold curry. the thai have really loose labels for food styles.

amy kellner

i would just like to say that this is the funnest game in the world and i invented it, your welcome. my two foods are: pepperoni mushroom spinach pizza and chocolate marble cheese cake. booya! that's how the game is played.

LCpl K

That first bitch is totally vegan, and I would have to say sushi and the In N Out double double.

anchovy, chicken, olive, spinach, and mushroom pizza and Unagi don (bar b q'd eel over sushi rice) yuuuummmmmmmmmmm


ok, amy---the food doesn't make you fat, but does will it mess with your intestines? like if the food makes you gassy or blocked up in real life, does it do so in this game? cuz if i ate ribs for the rest of my life it would hurt.


and what about mints? because i need something sweet after a meal, but i'd rather have two options for meals and just eat a mint to get my mouth feeling fresh.


can you choose "potatoes"? because you could make a lot of things out of them, but i think that's kind of skirting the rules...but they are a specific type of food, you know? i realize no one is going to answer these questions, but it's important that they are asked. wait, no it's not.

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