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Many of the texts on meditation can seem unnecessarily mysterious when one has experienced what they are attempting to explain.

$2000 dollars is $2000 too much.

Here is one comprehensive meditation manual for free.

The goal of meditation is to have direct experience of that which is the "I" when you say "I am" without any modifier (meaning only that when you say "I am" you only mean that you are a being who- at this moment- affirms it's own existence, not when you say "I am: a man/woman, John/Jane, or any other "thing").

Meditation and it's goal are easy to achieve, and, you can and will achieve them. All things achievable can and will be achieved with practice.


1. Feel your hand. Just feel that it is there, that it exists, and, as a part of your body is willing and able to do whatever "You" want it to.

This proves two things:

1. That "You" have a physical being.

2. Because "You" are able to observe and manipulate your physical being "You" and your physical being are two distinct entities.

Feel the different parts of your body. Feel your whole body.

2. Ask yourself: "What is my next thought going to be?". Then, observe your thoughts. "You" will be able to observe your thoughts/internal dialog.

This proves two things:

1. That "You" have thoughts/an internal dialog.

2. That because "You" are able to observe your thoughts/internal dialog "You" and your thoughts/internal dialog are two distinct entities.

3. Observe the part of you that observes your body and your thoughts/internal dialog.

This proves one thing:

1. "You" are "That which observes."

This "You which observes" is "You" and will result in "Awareness".

"You" are this "Awareness".

"You" are "Awareness".

If your attempt at meditation is successful you will be experiencing a consciousness different than the one you have had from day to day before now. It feels very nice doesn't it? It feels very quiet and peaceful: everything is just as it should be. You feel intensely awake perhaps for the first time.

These practices can be done anytime, anywhere, whether you are alone or with company and like anything else will become easier the more you do them. Do them, all day, every day.


The next time you see a friend realize that when they too say "I am" they are speaking from the same perfect consciousness that you are experiencing whether they are aware of it or not, and treat them accordingly.

Remember always that the peaceful thing you have experienced inside of you is the same inside of every person you meet whether they are aware of it or not, and treat them accordingly.

Know that you share the same truly wonderful "Awareness" with every person on the face of the planet whether they are aware of it or not, and treat them accordingly.

Dave McDave



Hey A Friend

you defied the "I only care about reading things that look small and digestible" rule

sorry that you care

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