Everyone knows the call to arms of the Anarchist Revolution will be sounded by the cry of the people and the clank of the lone Anarchy Cowbell.


Anarchy cowbells? Man Vice totally sold out with this blog post.

Sold out?

Doye! Are you really that dumb?


mmmm clanky clank a clank


I guess so.
Sell out.

sell out

What is it with the haters mantra of 'sell outs'? I'm not sure if you're being clever and ironic with that comment Doye - otherwise it seems a bit of a weird thing to bother posting?

If you're joking then I doff my hat, however I doubt you are.


I got one of these things and it suuuuucks! It cost me like fifty bucks and it didn't even match the band aesthetic . . . hella . . . lame.


Fuck the cowbell, did anyone see the fucking Sex Pistols one piece baby outfit? Nothing says punk like your retarded eight month old!


"BUT MOM! You pwomised you'd buy me the Anarchy Cowbell! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"


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