her own toes are gross enough, why would she want to add more

World of Warcraft 24/7

I can't even imagine the amount of cats this woman has.


Wow - the only thing uglier than a normal girl's foot.

This is every chick over 35 in Portland, by the way. If you don't respect her dragon foot spirit totem she'll punch you. And you are, of course, not allowed to punch back.

No wonder Jim Goad did so well here.

I am Dragon

I have a dragon tatoo on my dick and its for fucking, HELL YEAH! ROAOOOOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAR!


That is the ugliest female foot i've ever seen...

Frank Morgan

"but loves me enough to learn life's hardest lessons."

Is the dragon learning life's hardest lessons (quantum physics)???

I don't get it, why would the imaginary dragon need to learn anything?



the only good excuse I ever heard for a hippyish tattoo was a friend of mine who had a sun on his foot. he said:
it gives heat and light to everyone equally free of charge.

that I can live with.

my inner dragon loves me and shit is, well, just fucking retarded.


That's a guys foot, don't be stupid.

Lesbian Seagull!


This makes me embarassed to be a woman. This dragon could easily be from Flagstaff, AZ too.

Rob Black

This story and photo is B.S., that foot in the photo belongs to the dude that plays drums for Hightower. Its not a dragon, its a Gnargoyle.
But I guess Vice has never been known as a beacon of truth in reporting.


Wow dragon foot you bring a whole new level to "in desperate need of getting laid"

I'm gonna have to get a whole lot more drunk this weekend to get that image of your gnarly foot out of my head!!


Ive got a white mans face tattooed on my face to stop discrimination. Fuck lezzer dragon feet!


I have a tattoo of my face on my face and on the back of my head (just incase I lie on my front). The eyes have been drawn open so that when I am sleeping I can still see her dumb dragon weeping - I thought that would learn her!

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