What a wanker

I don't hate the guy, But his attitude is fucking whiny bitch ass motherfucker..:::!!!!!

OMFG can you believe what a twat that guy is. I guess it's like no one never ever invites him to no partys at all!!!!!!!!! AND RIGHTLY SO,.... fucking haterade sippin bastard. I hope the fucker gets a stroke so that he ends up a vegetable for rest of his life, chained to a shitty hospital bed, unable to hate fickin' anything, drooling all day long, like when you like something so much that you start to drool!

Yeah that would serve him right. Faggot!

energy draink

"Haterade" my new official drink of choice


This shit list idea is so great. I'm totally going to rip it off and start my own hate blog.


Jon Brown is a four-eyed buzby-haired-spastic and what's really sick about him is he asked me to call him that.

someone who is normal and a life not like these other loser who post crap

Wow, i wonder why people bother to read things like this interview just to slag it off. Going to all that effort to make a comment with so much hate about someone they dont know- very sad. Jealousy does just bring out the worst in people doesnt it? I admire anyone that has the balls to write a blog and do something with their life not those tossers who sit around reading what other people are doing with their lives and make pathetic 16 year old boy comments that can only be seen as a severe case of jealousy.


what a fucking pussy


I was only kidding he's my brother, I love him and the blog.

He is a pussy though.


All hilarious, just spat a jaffer full of claret on my keyboard reading these comments. So many hate memories....
Yes, hatred keeps you young and yet makes you old before yo time, what a pickle.
Vice is a wankathon.

Fat Custard

Jon Brown kicked a football at my cousin once. So did his brother. So did I.

I love this guy.

Although I really can't wait for Knobby's hate blog. Please send me the link when you've set it up Knobster you old bastard.


i hate the following things:
People who wear trainers to walk to work in then get changed when they arrive...WHY ? if you want a work out go to the gym, if you want to wear trainers to work ask your boss or change your job. And they are always the worst trainers money can buy because the thought process is that "i'm only going to wear these to walk to work, why bother spending any money on them". Spare us all and don't.
Women who go swimming but don't get their hair wet...aaarrrggghhh. This is really irritating. How much time are you really saving yourself ? And we have to look at the horrible little ratty bits that trail in the water. If you don't want your hair to get wet wear a fucking hat.
People who whisper dirty or naughty words. You want to say it so stop being ashamed. The conversation starts off normally..."so, did you have (whisper) sex (back to normal volume) with him?" Mostly done when in a restaurant or work space, but some people insist on doing it wherever they are. Then there's the spelling out of words...god humans can be annoying.

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