I'm a bully. I hate myself. The one the I hate more than myself are whining pussies.

Everybody that gets bullied is asking for it!

It's as simple as that. Thinkng about that I'm actually a really nice guy; I give people what they want.

The only way to deal with pussies is to be a dick!

Miss Take

The Thing, the one and only...the thing; the one thing!

I retard am... nnnnnnngggg : )

honest jo

I've never been unfortunate enough to work in an office environment, once worked in a factory where guys used to just knock fuck out each other, but I suppose the best bullying is one sided. And the best bulling is always for the dick customer. Like the guy above. I worked in a store that sold car parts. Alot of dicks. If they ever asked to complain or inpolitely ask for a number for a dealer we'd hand out dominos pizza number. If a customer got angry we'd just tell them to "calm down baby".

I bully weak people at work. I get bullied by stronger people. Its Darwinian.


man this one time i was workin down at waffle house and this ol' dad, his name was "big sweaty" right, he come in all ornery, lookin round like he wanted to punch somebody in they face, i was like "oh hell naw! whats up which you dad!?!" he was like "none yo business" so i hit that fool right in his fat ass belly. he fell on the ground and started straight BALLIN! me and my man ponytail we was all laughin and pointin at big sweaty right, i said "look at cha cryin like an old titty baby" that man got up and ran in the cut. HELL NAW!

JP morgan + Rockafeller + Dan Quayle / Errol Flynn = Bully

i knew a bully in 6th grade voted this really flamboyant gay kid in class as "most likely to get aids." it was an anonymous write-in. the teacher tore it up without reading it aloud, as she did the other "most likely to succeed" etc. i heard the kid actually died of aids last year.

Martyn Cooling

Bullying weaker or less smart people in the work place is the only way to get ahead.

To succeed in buissness, you have to make the guy thats currently doing the job look like a prick. SO you bully him and make him look weaker, and bang new job prospects.

I have done this twice now.

"most likely to get aids."


I work in the offshore oil and gas industry, (Oil Rigs and platforms, tankers, etc) And bullying here can get pretty intense. but nothing scared the shit out of me more than when I worked at PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS in a female dominated enviroment, man, those bitchs took each other to piece's! absolutly no mercy at all. I was petrefied, the worst bully in the whole place was an accountant, him and my boss, Lorraine. Totally psychotic. at least out here you can just have fistfight and get it over with, in an office it's like death by a thousand cuts. Rumor's, catty remarks, jesus. I'd honestly rather get my head punched in!


One kid wrote wrote i was most likely to OD! i haven't!


I worked at a training provider sub-contracted by the employment services to help get 18-24 job-seekers into self-employed work. The hierachy was part of some weird Surrey-based cult that shaved their eyebrows off (just the women), drew on purple fakes and died their hair half black/half purple. Their motto was success in business through domination of others and the bullying was insane - the boss would take this plastic clock off the wall when she was 'wronged' and throw it like a frisbee at the 'wronger'. She once took me to this crazy meeting that I wasn't feeling and so drove me back on the wrong side of the motorway, swerving at the last second and just eye-balling me. They built a box of dividers around my desk and started a campaign of hate against the non-belivers. I remember this one guy who'd had a nervous breakdown being pulled around the room by his hand like a 5-year old, crying while these crazed bitches were taunting him about losing custody of his son. I raged against the machine and got the main one sacked but I know they're probably still monitoring me and waiting to strike - I'm ready freaks!


i hate bullies! yeah, just because you're stupid and fat and can insult people it doesn't mean you're cool. We are human beings and have feelings... real fucking EMOTIONS, if you haven't noticed! Get your own stapler McDougal! I don't have to let you use mine!!! yes, that's right... MY stapler, you sweaty balding frat-fuck! The next time you "forget" to give it back to me I'm going to issue a discrepancy form! And don't think for a second that I didn't know it was YOU that jerked off on my mouse! For your information everyone knows I don't look at porn at work because I use the mouse with my right hand you MORON!

Amanda Jane Stafford akna Mandie Jane Cowan akna AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!)

I actually landed myself a job in a department called Program Developement!!!! I was actually really good at it, I even probably saved the company tons of money as I was good at problem solving and knew Sabre like the back of my hand!!!! I do not know what to say, accept after my review by Senior Analyst Martin Chinappean who did wear "Geek Chick" well. Even on casual Friday`s he managed to pull off the look. The twitching eye when he spoke he would not promote me past a "Back Up" because he talked to me like I was slow or something. Instead I got "Supervisor Calls routed to my line when I had to answer the phones. Daily one on one meetings and yet the projects the Senior Analysts took credit for were successes. One day I just walked, one of the commenters is right it would be nice if you could take a shot at them!!!! I actually play guitar and sing, so this guy is not my "cup of tea"!!!! I kept my "Performance Review" as a souvenir below is a excerpt from my favourite part!!!! This man is a motivator if I ever met one!!!!
"Amanda has struggled with promoting a friendly climate. Her attitude was quite reserved and negative. She needs to maintain composure and a positive attitude and effectively communicate when dealing with stressful situations. She also needs to identitfy and effectively work with shifting priorities and support PD, if and when project timelines require he assistance beyond her normal shift.
Amanda`s loan exception will be further extended until June 30th, 2007. During this time period, her performance, interaction with the team and attitude will be measured to gauge her process."
I should mention as a special note as an experiment I chose not to give my expertise to one of the female analysts who always took credit for my work, I was not even hired to assist her !!!! All I can say is I felt like a sucker being payed like a customer service representative!!!!


Hey, is there any better job to bully someone than being a tow truck driver? I say this because I have been on both sides. I think we have all been bullied by some dick on a power trip that is taking our precious vehicles away from us. Asshole. But on the flip side of that I drove a truck for a while and it actually is hard to not bully some of the morons that actually drive cars. I once had to go change a flat tire on the side of the highway while it was pouring rain and the dick says to me "Oh I could have changed it myself but I didn't want to get my SOCKS dirty..." So I have to point out to the dildo that you should really keep footwear on whilst doing vehicle maintenance. Go figure. Moron. And a couple of days later I had to go to this house and this dick who used to bully me in high school opens the door and looked at me shocked. The poor idiot said that his "girlfriend" couldn't get the flat tire off of her car. So I ask why the hell he couldn't do it. "Well I don't know how..." I just pointed and laughed at him and called him a pussy as I walked away and he asked me what I said. I said nothing but just kept laughing the whole time. After I had it changed his girlfriend came home in her car and she asked me what I was doing to HIS car. I told her and she said that she told him that she was going to do it when she got home for him but I guess he wanted to surprise her with his mechanical genius. Buttmunch. I laughed and laughed and me and his girl shared a little moment of major emasculation at his expanse.She gave me tip of her number and told me to call her sometime for a drink. I felt so much better after that.

valdo gonsalves

O que é isto garoto rs, tenis oakley e tambem este tenis nike ate mais.

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