This year I'm going as Madeline McCann.


On the second link, who the fuck is the guy in the fur bodysuit supposed to be?


All year long I come up with great ideas for Halloween but then, when the day finally comes, my mind goes blank and I end up just doing Alice Cooper eyes like I do every year.


Terri Schiavo two years ago.


Michael Jackson Vampire - he floats around Yonge and Bloor in Toronto

Paul K

Duke Lacrosse Players, with stripper babe in tow.

jeffrey dahmer on his first blind date. complete with rope and utensils.



Ole Dirty Bastard as a Gynecologist. You can drink 40s without breaking character.

diamnond dave

dress all in white with a rolled up dollar bill attached to your head and your a line of coke

tommy lacroix

it's not a halloween story but it is costume related. a couple of years ago i was working at a shop when a girl there invited me and my freind out to go and see the premier of the new planet of the apes movie. she said we should all dress up as characters from the movie and go. I already knew the movie would dissapoint but thought it would be fun and liked the immersive nature of becoming one with the obsessives so i got together a human/savage getup (nearly naked-fur bikini ratty wig and a big thigh bone from a deer)
i got real carried away and did my companion up as one of the apes with gloves tied to her feet and a rubber mask and lots of leather.she even led me on a chain. we looked pretty good even though we felt stupid for being so easily mistakable as PoTA trainspotters. ok. now we head downtown to the theater district and it is PACKED there's like 1000 people out on the sidewalk and not one of them is in costume. ginos and mall rats are ridiculing us. people are mocking us "you're way too into it dude!"
so we are standing back to back in a throng of leering sneering teenagers waiting for my freind and her date to show...which they DIDN'T.
I was starting to think this was an elaborate and geniusly planned out practical joke and whilst totally embarrassed i still had to hand it to her for pulling a good one indeed.
so they never showed at all and we went into the movie where we were getting more attention than the flick-which sucked shit and we wound up leaving the movie about 20 mminutes into it.(i knew it would suck)
then we went and had the sushi that comes along in the little boats and got drunk, in costume, and the sushi bar LOVED us.
anyway, they had bailed for some other reason and it was not meant to be a joke...but i am remebering it and will use it in future for when they remake some other ridiculous costume picture and want to make someone feel like an idiot



tommy lacroix EPIC FAIL


the guy in the priest outfit is this local DJ and his name is frank kramer here in L.A's 97.1 tlk station


Last year, my girlfriend and I went as Britney the first time we saw her (schoolgirl outfit with pigtails and pink poms from the Hit Me Baby vid) and I went as Britney the last time we had seen her (shaved head, hoodie, and green umbrella which she used to smash a paparazzi car).


i am young jeezy. slap luh merks.

me and merks are gonna make jewgro babies. i luh da merks.


I couldn't find a costume last night so my friends dressed me up as a girl using a dress, make up and my shirt for clevage.


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