I count my thrusts.
I'm nearly in double figures.

Jimmy Reed

If you jerk off in the morning or before you go out for the night is no problem, be careful you don't do it too much or else you'll be having four hours of sex which can get fucking boring after the first two. By the time you cum its going to be as hot as molten steel.


i think of porn nothings more offensive then hot jizz on a girls f--ahhhhh damn. Fuck!!!!

well i guess i think of the race i like least having sex with the women im with. So usually its a cross between a white guy and a black guy it keeps me on my toes.
Nothings more depressing then someone enjoying the girl ur with more than you.


I think of my Mommy. It's weird but it works. Try it!


if anyone wants a real method, try clenching your leg muscles, or muscles anywhere in your body other than your cock. the reasoning is that this takes blood away from your crotch, thereby making it hard for your penis to make that metaphysically indiscernible bridge from 'aroused' to 'spraying its load to your embarrassment'


I think about the woman, and her feelings, and making sure she is in full enjoyment, and that way I forget about my own thus prolonging my ejaculation. Then I cum all in her ear.


I make her wear a mexican wrestler's mask and jam a churro up my butt.

chocolate pain

If I am about to bust I just take it out and squeeze the tip almost until blood comes out. Trrrust


man I just let it happen, fuck it I'm coming when I come. Means I feel good. Rest and come again (pun intended) after a few minutes

Dick Tracy

How about not being a pussy?

bizzy blown

i like to say "stop!" and shove her on the floor and then i start crying, imagining dead children. it messes up the mood, but prevents it well.


i never sell the wine before its time.


Get Drunk.


How about not being a skinny, girly little hipster with no muscle tone? Real men who dont starve themselves and wear girls jeans should never have this problem.

Ted Pennington

I say "this first one's gonna be quick. you're so fucking hot." That makes them feel good in their heart. Then I throw milk ropes after like two dips and say "told you so." Then I eat pussy till I'm hard again. So on an so forth till she gets calloused.


Mister Pennington's method is the only way to go. I would 100% rather the dude come in two seconds, eat me out, and then be ready to go again than all this "I picture putrescent corpses and my mother" bullshit. I had no idea this was so widespread! (har har) That's gross fucking, and fucking gross.

Jon Bray

If I get the perfect amount of drunk, I fuck like super man. Sober, however, is a different story. More often than not, I'll go too fast, and then I go Mister Pennington's route. The only problem with that one is actually being able to get horny again. So yeah, I get drunk everynight. There's excercises that I've tried in the past(such as when you go piss, cut off the stream a few times at 6-8 second intervals) that strengthens your fuck muscles; that actually worked pretty well, I just wasn't disciplined enough to do it all the time.


I do a variation of Pennington. To start off with i feel her up, talk dirty and eat her out for an hour until steam starts to shoot out the pussoir and she's ready to pop and then i do the old switcheroo and slip it in for 5 stabs and boom... emissions from all parties. So i dont need to clamp my dong at all.


I just think about baseball for a moment. I assumed that's what everybody did.


this is a bullshit question, because if its a girl you don't know that well she probably made you wear a condom, in which case it takes forever no matter what you do. if she didnt make you wear a condom that means shes down with whatever, so just shoot a load, think about how cool she was for not making you wear a condom, then in ten minutes just rail her til she literally pees

I think of my girlfriend, and the astonished look on her face when she catches me bangin the other girl.


unloading within a couple hours to a day of having sex actually increases the girls risk of getting pregnant cus a small percentage of the cum stays in you. best chances are to not cum for awhile.. or pull the fuck out

may take the cake, but i sing the oscar mayer weiner song to keep from
busting a nut.
either that or take me out to the ball game.
works like a charm


How do you give a girl an orgasm?


Who cares?

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